Mudflow Reaches Dozens of Meters, This is a Video of the Eruption at Kesongo Blora. Page all – The seconds when the mud crater erupted in Area Kesongo, Blora, Central Java, had panicked residents in the village of Gabusan, Thursday (27/8/2020). The tremors from the eruption were intense. In fact, according to the Village Head of Gabusan Parsidi, the mudflow was accompanied by a deafening boom. According to him, the first … Read more

Arrested for his conduct, he drags a man for about fifty meters

A Durbuysian in his thirties is currently being prosecuted in the Criminal Court of Marche for theft with violence and assault and battery. The scene takes place in the streets of Bomal (Durbuy). Arrested by a restaurateur who came to reproach him for his dangerous driving, the defendant got angry in his vehicle. Insults erupted, … Read more

While posing in the Alps, the Czech Republic fell to a depth of 150 meters

The 23-year-old woman went on a hike to the mountains near the village of St. Petersburg on Tuesday. Nikolai im Sölktal in the north of Styria. With a 28-year-old partner and two dogs, she set off across Lake Kaltenbachsee towards the top of Deneck. According to the Austrian press, the woman wanted to be photographed … Read more

Hurricane Laura reached category 4 and they warn that it could generate waves of almost 5 meters high on the coasts of Texas and Louisiana

Hurricane Laura moves toward the coasts of Texas and Louisiana in an image from the GOES-East satellite of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on August 26, 2020 (CIRA / NOAA / Handout via REUTERS)Hurricane Laura continues to gain strength rapidly. Category 4 was reached on Wednesday afternoon, which implies that it will be … Read more

Tatum Dagelet about Pretty & Single: ‘1.5 meters did not detract from intimacy’ | NOW

Tatum Dagelet recorded a second season of the program during the corona crisis Pretty & Single, in which women go on dates without make-up. The presenter tells in conversation with that adhering to the 1.5 meters distance did not diminish the intimacy of the program. Although the distance had to be kept both on … Read more

Suzan and Freek cancel club tour: one and a half meters cannot be maintained | Entertainment

The tour was scheduled for September and October. “Because we don’t know when we will be able to play for such large numbers of people again and we do not want to leave you in uncertainty by having to reschedule the tour one or more times, we have decided to cancel the tour.” The duo … Read more

Expedition 1.5 meters: three thousand liters of milk washed away

Sunday, 23 August 2020, 8:17 PM ‘Much to our sorrow and frustration, the police visited this morning’, Janneke Postma from Oldekerk reports on Facebook. The milk tank of Postma’s farm has been opened by strangers. Three thousand liters of milk were lost during this process. To support Postma and her boyfriend Jeen de Jong, Expeditie … Read more

‘King and queen violate one and a half meters rule on vacation’ | NOW

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima can be seen in a photo circulating on the internet during their holiday. In the photo, the king and queen are standing next to a man, according to RTL News the owner of a restaurant. The royal couple is currently on holiday on the Greek island of Milos. The photo … Read more

Woman (79) has to move because her house is eleven square meters bigger than allowed | Inland

Heidi (l) and her daughter Marcia van Duren Watak in the hall of her house, which according to the municipality is too big. Ⓒ Ella Tilgenkamp Zaanstad – Heidi Van Duren Watak (79) from Koog aan de Zaan has to have part of her house demolished by the municipality of Zaanstad. There was a temporary … Read more

Daugavpils Theater will open the season with Ivars Lūšs comedy “Love in 32 square meters” | The news

Daugavpils Theater will open the season with Ivars Lūšs comedy “Love in 32 square meters” Riga, August 14, LETA. The first premiere of the new season will take place at the Daugavpils Theater on September 11 – the melodramatic comedy of the director Ivars Lūšs in Russian “Love in 32 square meters”, the theater representative … Read more