Researchers are creating robotic beetle that ‘runs’ on methanol – IT Pro – Geeks

Researchers at the University of Southern California have created RoBeetle, a tiny 88-milligram robotic insect that contains no electronics but autonomously takes millimeter steps using methanol. RoBeetle’s body is a reservoir for the methanol. Over its back is a wire that expands with heat and shrinks when it cools. This actuator is made of nickel-titanium … Read more

Epidemiological alert in Bogotá for methanol poisoning during COVID-19 quarantine

Legal Medicine launched an epidemiological alert for methanol poisoning. During the months of May and June, 26 people died in Colombia from consumption of this substance. This type of alcohol, used for industrial and automotive purposes, is not suitable for human consumption. However, it is frequently found by the Police in clandestine distilleries, where liquors … Read more

Coronavirus in Bogotá: Legal Medicine declares epimediological alert for deaths from methanol – Bogotá

The National Institute of Legal Medicine has just confirmed to EL TIEMPO that there is alert in Bogotá due to deaths caused by methanol poisoning. This is a colorless and highly toxic liquid that is obtained by distilling wood or by reacting carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is used to denature ethyl alcohol and as … Read more