SpaceX Launches 52 Starlink Internet Satellites into Space

<!– –> 25 September 2022 13:46 SpaceX launched 52 starlink internet satellites into orbit Saturday (24/9/2022) night. This launch continues the development of SpaceX’s starlink megaconstellation that provides internet services to people around the world. In addition to launching 52 starlink internet satellites into orbit, the team also carried out rocket landings at sea. A … Read more

Hundreds of Barcelona Residents Start Receiving Monkeypox Vaccine

<!– –> 29 July 2022 08:15 The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the monkeypox epidemic to have spread to more than 70 countries and declared a global health emergency of monkeypox. However, the monkeypox vaccine has been produced and has been distributed in a number of countries. Hundreds of people in Barcelona, ​​Spain have started … Read more