Metro, in Naples it’s sprint after the stake for the new Spanish trains: the tests on the tracks start again

The new trains of the metropolitan they have begun to grind kilometers along the Naples rails. The first official release, after the accident last summer, took place last night. The runs of Line 1 have been suspended early to allow locomotives and flaming wagons produced in Spain by Caf, to begin to become familiar with … Read more

This is the man who pushed Maria (55) on the metro tracks in Brussels: he chose her at random and acted like a predator | Exclusively for subscribers

BrusselsThe man arrested for pushing a randomly selected woman onto the tracks on Friday evening is 23-year-old Frenchman Benjamin P. A young father. Exactly 397 kilometers from home, totally unclear why he was there, he struck at metro stop Rogier, the heart of Brussels. What possessed him is still unclear. He has been arrested and … Read more

more than 1,600 signatures for the employee who filmed the attempted murder of the metro

More than 1,600 Stib workers have signed an online petition calling on the management of the transport company to show leniency to the employee who filmed the CCTV footage showing the attempted murder that took place on Friday evening in the Brussels metro. Stib spokeswoman Françoise Ledune explained on Tuesday that the situation is being … Read more

He pushed the woman in front of the Brussels metro train. The recording is terrifying [+18]

Had it not been for the reflexes of the driver who managed to stop the train at the last minute, a tragedy would have occurred. The injured was helped by passengers, and the attacker was quickly arrested thanks to the recordings of the station’s surveillance cameras. Be warned that the video can be drastic for … Read more

The supermarket reaches the Metro stations

As part of the transformation process that has been promoting Walmart Chile to meet the needs of the new omnichannel customer, the company launched “Step Leader“. This new format seeks to extend the supermarket experience beyond physical stores. This will be achieved through vending machines located in places with an important pedestrian flow like the … Read more

Guerreros animator leaves Wapa Television

Puerto Rican entertainer José Figueroa announced through social networks his departure from Wapa Television, where he served as host of the “Guerreros” program, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 5:30 in the afternoon. In a post on his social accounts, Figueroa announced that he had moved to the United States to be part … Read more

Who is Osama Krayem, the man who was supposed to blow himself up in the Brussels metro on March 22, 2016?

Trial of the Paris attacks: “My son was a nice boy, he was indoctrinated”, supports the father of the artificer of November 13 How could a “good child” become one of the essential links in the attacks of November 13 and then, a few months later, blow himself up at Brussels airport? Najim Laachraoui’s father … Read more

Polda Metro Jaya Officially Opens Registration for Street Race Participants

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Traffic Polda Metro Jaya starting to open registration for participants street race which is planned to be held in Ancol, North Jakarta on January 16 next. Registration for participants is done online through the platform and has been open since Tuesday (11/1) yesterday. “We publish online registration is open. Later … Read more

The construction of a new metro line, tram lines and electrification awaits Prague’s public transport

The Transport Company (DPP) is planning a gradual partial return of trolleybuses and a new Dvorecký Bridge will be built for trams. The possibility of contactless ticket purchase directly in cars will be expanded, and transformation and construction in the vicinity of some metro stations is also planned. One of the most important constructions is … Read more

Stacks! In these Metro stations there are vaccines available

Although many citizens postponed their vaccination appointment to prioritize the New Year’s festivities, walks and others, for others it is the opportunity to find Vaccination points emptier and with good availability of vaccines. The Metro arranged for this Sunday three vaccination points in busy stations for those who want to hit the pass and be … Read more