Systematization of bird data from the discovery of ‘albino larvae’ in Ganghwa-seo

In Seokmodo Island, Ganghwa Island, an ‘albino lepidoptera’ was discovered for the first time, and it is becoming a hot topic. It is a common resident bird in Korea all year round, but this is the first case of an albino (white type) individual with a white body. Ganghwa-gun announced on the 6th that it … Read more

Aiming for ‘win-win’ through technical cooperation between the two institutions

The Electronic Components Research Institute (KETI) and the Korea Fire Industry and Technology Institute (KFI) signed a mutual cooperation agreement on the 29th in the presence of KETI President Kim Kyung-won, KFI President Moon Seong-joon, and officials from both institutions in the research institute conference room. Through the agreement on this day, KETI and KFI … Read more