The atlantean and the Stadium Barca want to be reborn of its history in the City of Mexico

MEXICO — Atlantean is close to return to the Stadium, Blue building that has been home at various stages throughout its history, even in one of them led to the enclosure changed the name to Barcaat which time the Foals got one of the five titles that boast in the First Division. The relationship between … Read more

The Mexican Football League already has 20 registered teams and another eight waiting

The president of the Mexican Football League, Carlos Salcido, ensures that they already have 20 teams registered for the debut season and presumes that there are another eight awaiting registration. “We have a great response from teams, we have a list that has been published of its 20 teams, believe me we have eight more … Read more

Carlos Salcido, new president of the Mexican Football League

The National Football Association (ANBM) made the appointment of the former soccer player official Carlos Salcido as president of the Mexican Football League (LBM), whose functions will begin to develop from May 15, 2020. Through a press release, ANBM makes it known that, while the indicated date arrives, Salcido will carry out private works with … Read more

Central America, the refuge of Mexican soccer players in the absence of opportunities

The Development League that seeks to perform in the category of MX Promotion could mean the flight of national footballers to other countries and the Central American area could be the refuge of those who are not considered. COUNTRY PLAYERS Guatemala 2. 3 Nicaragua 10 Costa Rica 9 The Savior 5 Belize 4 Panama one … Read more

What do clubs need to be part of the Mexican Football League?

MEXICO – The teams that intend to be part of the Mexican Football League, new option in Aztec soccer, they must cover a notebook of charges and to begin with have 5 million pesos to acquire the respective franchise. Víctor Manuel Montiel Comparán, a former soccer player and president of the Mexican Football League, spoke … Read more

Clubs del Ascenso MX seek to join the Mexican Football League and this opens the doors for them

MEXICO – Victor Montiel, president of the Mexican Football League, acknowledged that some Silver League clubs have already approached them in search of joining the nascent League. In this sense, he pointed out Montiel which are open to receive both the players and the clubs of the MX Ascent who want to join, being left … Read more

José Antonio García affirms that Atlante will return to Mexico City

José Antonio García, former owner of the Atlante, assured that the legendary Barça team will return to Mexico City when it becomes one of the new Liga MX teams. On his Twitter account, he mentioned that it will soon become official. Regarding the statement made by the entity, in which he raises his hand to … Read more

The reasons for coffee growers to vote in favor of disappearing Ascenso MX

José Luis Orantes, President of the Chiapas coffee growers, It is direct: “We could not continue the next tournament”, that is why he voted in favor of the cancellation of Clausura 2020 “because there was no possibility of promotion” and was on the side of the clubs that supported the proposal to receive assistance by … Read more

“I hope I am not at the Atlante funeral”

MEXICO – “Mexican soccer is getting more and more closed,” he says from José Antonio García, a footwear businessman, known for his time in Mexican football as well as being a historical symbol of the Atlante. “There is a lot of money”, he highlights about the current situation of the national football, in addition to … Read more

Atlante and the other historical teams that could disappear with the Ascenso MX

He Atlante It counted the days to fulfill its 104 years of existence, the team from Barcelona was 120 hours from its anniversary and is now in danger of disappearing, after it was known that the Ascenso MX will cease to exist, in the absence of an official announcement, and will be replaced by a … Read more