Mexicans killed in California crash were in group of migrants

Mexicans killed in California crash were in group of migrants U.S. Thirteen people who died in one of the crashes deadliest recorded in the border area were part of 44 people who entered the United States illegally through a breach in California’s border fence with Mexico, an official with the Border Patrol. The head of … Read more

Mexicans turn to debt loans – El Diario de Coahuila

The effects on the income of Mexicans in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic caused the population to look for loan alternatives to pay and consolidate debts, mainly from banks, reported the general director of the financing platform, Prestadero. According to the study Why do Mexicans request credit for 2020, it is explained that 42.6% … Read more

Mexicans who have won the Oscars

In recent decades, the talent of Mexican filmmakers has increasingly captured the spotlight at the Oscars, the gala night where Hollywood celebrates the best of its industry. Year after year we see more Mexican names that join that great list that rub shoulders with the best cinematographic talents in the world. The recognitions are not … Read more

Duel between Mexicans at the FIFA 21 Club World Cup

The inevitable duel between the Mexican players and their clubs will take place on Friday, February 26, at 3:00 p.m. in Mexico City The EA SPORTS FIFA Club World Cup is the most relevant competition within esports at the team level around the world and we can enjoy it from February 24 to 28, 2021, … Read more

Collective of Mexican painters exhibits in Paris

Drafting Guadalajara / 10.02.2021 19:23:55 A collective of 18 Mexican painters exhibit in the JE T ‘AIME exhibition that takes place from February 7 to 15 andn the Arts Gallery located in the Latin Quarter of Paris. The exhibition is face-to-face, with the measures that the current contingency against covid-19 allows. Verónica Ximénez, visual artist … Read more

Mexicans. This is how they repaired Javier Poza’s 1968 Volkswagen Vocho

Mexican is an inspiring tv show for any car lover as Martín, Isabel and Memo work every day in the workshop VA-K Innovation from Jalisco to do the most incredible restoration work, such as the one done with the Volkswagen 1968 from television and radio driver Javier Poza. Pose He recounted that something that remained … Read more