Nicola Porro, disastrous words on the Taliban – Libero Quotidiano

“Finally Michela Murgia she woke up and on Press writes a pistolotto about Afghan women ”. Like this Nicola Porro in the course of his daily soup he expressed himself on the well-known writer, who after days of silence decided to tackle the question ofAfghanistan, especially in relation to the Middle Ages in which women … Read more

“Here’s what would happen to her in the Gaza Strip” – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti July 26, 2021 Dror Eydar, 54 years old, Israeli ambassador to Rome since September 2019, he is above all a humanist. He cites Dante ame moria and books on Roman history abound in his Capitoline residence, written in Hebrew, English and Italian. «Historically», he says, showing some of those ancient volumes, «the relations … Read more