Tongfu Microelectronics: The continuous expansion of high-quality customers brings rapid growth of business scale_ Oriental Fortune Network

  Tongfu Microelectronics(002156) 2021performanceThe online briefing will be held at the panoramic road show on the afternoon of April 8th.Tongfu MicroelectronicsXia Xin, director and deputy general manager, said when answering questions from investors that the company has continuously deepened customer cooperation, and the continuous expansion of high-quality customers has brought about rapid growth in business scale.The … Read more

why Russia will not be able to establish the production of chips, as in China

The Chinese have been trying to provide the industry with their own microcircuits for seven years, but they are not deterred by such tough sanctions or lack of budgets. From the first day of the war Focus never stopped working. Our team considers it its duty to inform the reader about what is happening, to … Read more

Xiaomi and Tianma Microelectronics enter into partnership to develop new displays: – Hi-Tech Lifestyle

Hardware Most smartphone manufacturers buy the displays from various specialized companies, among the most well-known names in the field being Samsung Display, LG Display or BOE Display. Of course, there are other smaller companies, one of which is Tianma Microelectronics. I haven’t heard of this name in Romania, in general this Chinese manufacturer supplies screens … Read more