Call of Duty: Sony not happy about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

Brazilian government filings reveal how Sony really feels about Microsoft’s acquisition of Acitivision Blizzard, and with it Call of Duty. The Japanese are concerned that the merger could affect players’ decision on which console they choose in the future. It is a rarity for companies to reveal their true reasoning. But documents from the Brazilian … Read more

Microsoft’s profits were affected by the slowdown in PC sales… and the dollar’s rise

I failed Microsoft to achieve its quarterly revenue estimates, Affected by the rising dollar, slowing computer sales and lower advertising spending. The Washington-based company’s stock was down about 1% in early trading Tuesday, and the stock has lost about 25% this year. Microsoft is also facing pressure from the strong dollar, as it gets about … Read more

British authority is examining Microsoft’s takeover of Activision

The British competition authorities are examining Microsoft’s multi-billion takeover of the US computer and video game group. British competition watchdog completes $70 billion takeover of Activision Blizzard Microsoft under the magnifying glass. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced on Wednesday that it now has until September 1 to make a decision on whether the … Read more

Introducing Microsoft’s climate research initiative – Microsoft News Center Latin America

Addressing and mitigating the effects of climate change requires a collective effort, bringing our strengths to bear in industry, government, academia, and civil society. As we continue to explore the role of technology in advancing the art of the possible, we launched the Microsoft Climate Research Initiative (MCRI). This community of multidisciplinary researchers works together … Read more

Microsoft’s pressure to stop Windows downloads in Russia

Downloads of Windows 10 · 11 ISO files from Microsoft’s official website have been stopped in Russia. This news was reported through TASS, a Russian telecommunication company, and you cannot download the Windows 10 11 ISO file from Russia to Microsoft’s website unless you bypass it through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Windows 10 · … Read more

Xbox Game Pass with new games in June! Far Cry goes to Microsoft’s service

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> We waited, waited and finally it is! Microsoft has just confirmed the list of games headed for the Xbox Game Pass. The list is interesting because it turns out that players can get ready for some interesting games in June. Today, the Xbox Game Pass catalog will be expanded with a collection consisting of … Read more

Microsoft’s 6-episode Xbox documentary containing the black history of the “Three Reds” wins Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Shot Editing #playstation 2 (178762)

The original Xbox prototype was to disassemble a Dell laptop and reassemble it into a Windows-based game console, hoping to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 2 at the time and try to consolidate Microsoft’s position in the gaming market. Microsoft celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Xbox last year, launchingA total of 6 episodes of the … Read more

Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service adds a performance indicator that players can confirm whether the PC hardware specifications are compatible and improves the interface navigation and search functions (178713)

On the whole, Microsoft should make statistics based on the playing experience of many players, so the system indicates that the game can be played smoothly. It may be in low-resolution picture quality, or the minimum hardware specifications can be used, but at least it can allow players to play in the actual situation. Before … Read more

It is reported that Sony will launch a new PlayStation 5 Pro handle, which will compete with Microsoft’s elite handle Xbox Elite

Sony and Microsoft have been fighting very hot recently. Whether it is home game consoles, 3A competitions, expanding games to PC or the latest game subscription services, the two manufacturers are not letting the other. Today, a person familiar with the matter, Tom Henderson, broke the news that it is suspected that Sony plans to … Read more