The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration responds to Nollet on the employment of undocumented migrants: “It’s not a solution”

“I would like the focus to be on real solutions“. The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V) is not in favor of the legal employment of undocumented migrants present on Belgian territory. This morning, the co- President of Ecolo Jean-Marc Nollet called on the government to allow undocumented migrants to … Read more

Eklon has called on the meeting of EU justice and interior ministers to evaluate tools to prevent the increase in migration pressure

Taking into account Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Minister of the Interior of Latvia, Kristaps Eklons, has called on the meeting of EU justice and interior ministers to evaluate the possible instruments of the member states to prevent further increase in migration pressure on various migration routes. The Ministry of the Interior informed that Russia’s … Read more

The number of birds that migrate is decreasing, what is the reason? page all – Bird migrating is decreasing globally due to the influence of human activities. New research from University of East Anglia shows that there is a decrease migration population bird to areas with more human infrastructure. In addition, reduced migration was seen in areas with higher human population densities and higher levels of hunting. Not … Read more

Most benefit parents have a migration background, often with debts

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 18:36 Who are the benefit parents exactly? That question was not easy to answer. Today, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) released figures for the first time about the background of the hitherto known victims in the benefits affair. What is striking: Surinamese and Caribbean Dutch have been hit relatively hard. In half of the … Read more

Asylum and migration: Council approves negotiating mandate for Eurodac Regulation and Screening Regulation, 21 countries adopt declaration of solidarity

The Permanent Representatives Committee today adopted a number of important first-stage documents on asylum and migration, on the basis of proposals presented by the Commission in the context of the Pact on Migration and Asylum. COREPER also adopted the Council’s negotiating mandate for the Eurodac Regulation and the Screening Regulation. In addition, 21 Member States … Read more

FICM brings migration issues to the big screen

The International Film and Migration Festival (FICM), which is held in Agadir, capital of Souss, has reinvented the link between Agadir residents and the seventh art, by exhibiting innovative films made by the Moroccan diaspora or films dealing with the theme of ‘immigration. This cinematographic event also honored countries that maintain strong relations with the … Read more

How the Ancient Elephant Mastodon Migrated, Expert Reveals Page all About 13,200 years ago a mastodon, The elephant An ancient male died in a fight over a female in what is now Indiana, United States. Now in a new analysis of its well-preserved fossils and tusks not only revealing how ancient elephant the 8 tonne adult died. Recent analysis also reveals how the ancient … Read more

Most devices are not yet ready for migration

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Rolins left Nedvěd: Dara could not do otherwise!

Nedvěd for his work he lives in Turin, Italy and Good she often follows him, even with her daughter Lola. They recently spent a beautiful five days together, but then Rolins had to leave. Her duties called her back to Bratislava and she could not do otherwise. “I’m glad I like Lole in this town … Read more