Another humanitarian consignment from Poland reached Lithuania

The Polish military provided 10 tents, 100 beds, 100 bedspreads, 200 blankets, 100 pillows, 100 pillow covers, 100 lockers, 100 rubbish bins, 10 shelves, 10 clothes hangers, 5 heaters to Lithuania, which was experiencing an influx of migrants. SBGS photo / Humanitarian consignment from Poland These items will soon travel to the places where migrants … Read more

A.Mazuronis: we must forget the rights of migrants, the rights of the Lithuanian people are more important

Some time ago, the Seimas amended the law on the legal status of aliens and restricted the rights of migrants crossing the border illegally. President Gitan Nauseda signed the law because it was better to have one than none, but demanded that the shortcomings of the law be rectified. According to the head of state, … Read more

She stopped sharing photos, then admitted: Monika Bagárová once confirmed the assumptions

Monika Bagárová and her friend Makhmud Muradov have been the subject of various speculations, in which there has been talk about whether the star couple happened to break up. This was due to the fact that neither of the couple had published a joint photo for several months. And it’s actually no wonder. This is … Read more

LVŽS shadow government discusses illegal migration: Lithuania’s foreign policy direction regrettable –

1 photo Shadow Government Meeting. Photo by Elta “It is sad that the whole direction of our foreign policy is to create the worst possible conditions for migrants and thus deter them and decide not to follow Lithuania’s path. I think that’s a pathetic direction. Because we know that there is no such flow in … Read more

Britain and France will suppress Strait migration together

The agreement was signed on Tuesday by the British Minister of the Interior Priti Patel and her French counterpart Gérald Darmanin. They are responding to the growing number of refugees who have been making extremely dangerous journeys to the British Isles across the English Channel in recent weeks, often using very unsuitable means of transport. … Read more

A.Bilotaitė: Lithuania does not yet control the situation at the border

“On July 10, Lithuania asked the Frontex Rapid Reaction Force, ie 60 officers, 4 interrogation teams with interpreters, 30 cars, 2 helicopters and 2 thermal imaging equipment,” the minister said during a press conference on Monday. At present, to her knowledge, about 20 Frontex officers and 14 cars are patrolling Lithuania. “This is a very … Read more

Head of Frontex visiting Lithuania: This migration crisis is Belarus’s response to EU and Lithuanian policies

“I think the decline is due to certain actions. Enhanced border capabilities, military involvement and the arrival of Frontex officials. I think it gives a result, but we really could not predict and say that we are in control of the situation, ”said A. Bilotaitė at the press conference after the meeting with the head … Read more

Afghans are preparing to flee the Taliban: will a new wave reach Lithuania as well?

How 15min According to the representatives of the Lithuanian Red Cross Society, Afghans are considered to be real refugees and not economic migrants, as they run out of resources not just in search of a better life. The Taliban are taking control of larger areas of the country and are already carrying out retaliatory actions, … Read more

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania said that Belarus instructs illegal immigrants at the border

According to Anushauskas, the migrants themselves say that “people in camouflage instruct them how to destroy documents, how to behave during a survey, what to say, what not to mention.” Anushauskas added that Lithuania knows some organizers of illegal migration who “enjoy the patronage of the Belarusian authorities.” The head of the Ministry of Defense … Read more