SARON mortgage from Migros Bank – cheap and flexible

Availability The offer is available to individuals over the age of 18 and companies. variants The product is managed in CHF. repayment The agreed repayment is at least 6.7% of the 2nd mortgage annually. Higher amortization is possible if the notice period of six months to the end of the month is observed. Amount limits … Read more

Retirement provision in Switzerland – an introduction by Migros Bank

Combine the three pillars to create your personal pension solution Switzerland has a comprehensive, high-performance old-age insurance scheme based on a three-pillar model. We will inform you in detail about the concept and give you tips for your personal pension solution. .

Migros recalls the deer stew …

Migros recalls the 350 g cooked venison stew with article number 2228.220.350. All retention dates are affected. The recall comes due to an incomplete declaration, the orange giant said in a statement Wednesday. Celery, soya and wheat allergens have not been declared. Allergy sufferers are advised not to consume this product. For others, its consumption … Read more

Migros recall campaign: These Rösti Balls can endanger your health

Migros warns against the consumption of “M-Classic Happy Hour Rösti Balls”. Anyone who has bought the product should hand it in at a Migros branch, where the purchase price will be refunded. Migros warns against consuming this Rösti ball and asks customers to bring the product back. Migros Migros calls back “M-Classic Happy Hour Rösti … Read more

Food: Migros recalls the Rösti-Balls Happy Hour M-Classic

The orange giant advises against its crispy dumplings because they are likely to contain small pieces of red-colored glass that can pose a health risk. Migros asks its customers not to consume the Rösti-Balls Happy Hour M-Classic crispy balls. The product may contain small pieces of red colored glass. A risk to health if swallowed … Read more

Migros Rösti meatballs …

Migros is recalling the Rösti-Balls Happy Hour M-Classic meatballs with article number 160178700000 and to be consumed preferably before 07.2021, 09.2021 and 10.2021. The product could contain small pieces of red-colored glass, the orange giant said in a statement Friday. Migros asks its customers not to consume this product, which has been taken off the … Read more

20 employees affected: Migros closes Chocolat Frey’s visitor center

Even before the crisis it was no longer profitable, Corona was then too much: Migros closes the Chocolat Frey visitor center in Buchs. 1 / 8 The Chocolat Frey visitor center is finally closing. KEYSTONE Because of the lockdown, it has been closed since March. Even before the crisis, the visitor center was no longer … Read more

Migros closes the Chocolat Frey – Aarau – Aargau visitor center

Done chocolate dreams: The visitor center of Chocolat Frey in Buchs, closed with the lockdown in March, remains permanently closed. That’s what Radio Argovia reports. The Migros subsidiary Chocolat Frey writes on its website: “Factors such as profitability, use and, in particular, the protection concepts in connection with Corona to protect visitors and employees, which … Read more