Participate in the Contest to Find the Perpetrators of the Babakan Siliwangi Mural Vandalism in Bandung City, There is a Prize of IDR 5 Million

PRFMNEWS – Inhabitant Bandung invited to follow contest looking for culprit vandalism mural from Bakan Siliwangi. City government Bandung prepare a total fund of up to IDR 5 million for those of you who can find the perpetrators vandalism mural Bakan Siliwangi. Action vandalism this happened along the Mural Bakan Siliwangi Kota Bandung on Friday, … Read more

Military expert Zhdanov: Russia will seek to mobilize 1.2 million soldiers

By the end of the year – half a million reservists “Russia has enough resources to continue the war for several more years,” one of the most qualified military experts, former of Ukraine Colonel Oleg Zhdanovas of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. While assessing the Russian military forces sent to the front, the … Read more

Even a million Russians sent to war may not be lacking in the economy. Mobilization, however, means a different disaster for Russia

Hundreds of thousands of Russian men, scared, unhappy, angry, are standing in lines in front of the border crossings so that they don’t have to get on the buses that are supposed to take them to the military training camps. He tries to escape, to bribe, to damage himself so that from the appropriate mouth … Read more

a 5 million euro project

The monument in history – Pride of ancient Selinus, Temple G is the sacred building, the size of a football field, which stood 2,600 years ago as a stone witness to the power and wealth of the glorious Greek colony founded by the men of Megara Hyblea. Among the first supporters of the reconstruction project … Read more

Electric Cars at IDR 200 Million Nissan-Mitsubishi are selling well

Jakarta – Nissan and Mitsubishi’s strategy of presenting a small electric car at an affordable price has succeeded in attracting Japanese citizens. In a new report published by Nikkei Asia, the two manufacturers are planning to increase production of the two tiny electric cars that the Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is working on. Reportedly, the production of … Read more

Irving rejects 100 million contract due to Corona virus

Irving did not agree to receive the coronavirus vaccine (Matt Stone/Getty) a statement Kyrie Irvingthe Brooklyn Nets basketball star, has rejected an offer to extend his contract for more than… 100 million US dollars He gets it in return for playing for 4 years, due to his decision not to receive the Corona virus vaccine. … Read more