Bitcoin could drop further if miners continue to sell

The criptocrisis deepens and this is reflected in the decrease of up to 50% of the electricity consumed by cryptocurrency networks. This is because the profitability of mining bitcoin has evaporated as the price continues to decline. Now, the price of bitcoin could go even lower if miners continue to sell their holdings, entering a … Read more

Miners and companies leave the cryptocurrency market in droves because it doesn’t make a profit

As we have been reporting over the last few weeks, the cryptocurrency segment is going through a less good phase, with the valuation of currencies plummeting, which has left investors on alert. In this sense, this reality is triggering several consequences, including the fact that miners and companies dedicated to this sector are leaving the … Read more

Bitcoin price would be at risk of negative spiral if miners continue to sell BTC

Bitcoin mining is not going through its best moment in terms of profitability. The production cost of 1 BTC is between USD 18,000 and USD 20,000 for small miners, while its market price is around USD 21,000. This low profitability makes miners sell their BTC to cover their operating costs, and they would continue to … Read more

Bitcoin Miners Leave for Predictions of Great Recession Next Year — Blockchain Media Indonesia

News related to the impact of the recession on first-class crypto, Bitcoin became the most popular crypto news in the past week. Starting from leaving miner Bitcoin to the prediction of a great recession next year. Here are the 9 most popular crypto news of the week (June 18-June 24, 2022), which we have summarized. … Read more

Bitcoin’s fall below $20,000 led to the capitulation of miners and hodlers

The fall in the price of bitcoin below $20,000 triggered a new wave of deleveraging and liquidations that affected miners and long-term investors. These are the conclusions made by Glassnode analysts. This weekend, #Bitcoin plunged below the 2017 $20k ATH, as numerous entities in the market were deleveraged or liquidated. In our latest Week Onchain … Read more

Gold Miners Clash Kills 100 People, Begins with 2 Citizens’ Conflict

RUN, – About 100 people died in clashes between gold miner from Chad north, said Defense Minister General Daoud Yaya Brahim on Monday (30/5/2022). Clashes broke out on May 23 in Kouri Bougoudi near the Libyan border, sparked by the usual feud between two vexed people, Daoud Yaya was quoted as saying. AFP. He … Read more

Data miners discovered that new weapons will be added. And even more new characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

It launched beautifully and received a good response for Evil Dead: The Game. And from now on, it’s about future content. That there will be something new that will allow players to continue to enjoy the game? By skilled data miners, they discovered that in the future, Ruby characters and new weapons will be added … Read more

Bitcoin miners “unaffected by volatility” in the market

Despite the steady decline in Bitcoin prices and the turmoil in the current markets, some of the biggest mining companies are undeterred, insisting that their operations will not be affected by negative price volatility. Some even see it as an opportunity to gain market share as smaller competitors go under. Bitcoin prices (BTC) have been … Read more

The LHR lock was finally broken. A great festival of crypto miners

Mining Ethereum on graphics cards was one of the many components of the huge demand for graphics cards. Nvidia, in order to discourage crypto miners, introduced an algorithm to its cards that significantly reduces performance, but as you can see, crypto miners managed to avoid it completely. in the middle of last year, Nvidia cards … Read more

NVIDIA will pay a fine for hiding sales data to miners

US Securities and Exchange Commission announcedwhat NVIDIA will pay $5.5 million in fines for hiding how many graphics cards were sold to cryptocurrency miners. As noted by the Commission, NVIDIA was still not honest enough with investors in 2017-2018 when it announced a significant increase in gaming-related revenues, without saying how much these revenues depended … Read more