Minimum Wage Will Change Totally, Here’s the Scenarios

loading… JAKARTA – On February 2, one of the implementing government regulations Work Creation Law , has been signed by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). There are 49 laws and regulations that have been issued by the government in order to support the implementation of the Job Creation Law. “There are 5 laws that are directly … Read more

The number of deaths from COVID per day in Russia dropped to a minimum since November :: Society :: RBC

In Russia, less than 12 thousand new cases of the disease per day have been recorded for a week. Mortality is at its lowest level since mid-November Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS In Russia, 11,571 new cases of coronavirus were detected per day, the operational headquarters said. 333 people have died, this is at least … Read more

at 229 euros on Amazon, its minimum

Apple laptops with a relatively basic or “inexpensive” configuration (by company standards) have very little internal storage space, and many people choose to use external storage drives to fill this gap. The WD My Passport de 2 TB provides blazing speeds of both writing and reading, and on Amazon you can find it cheaper than ever for 420 euros 229 euros.

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how much exercise per week you should do (at least)

In Argentina, one in 10 adults suffers from migraine, according to the first prevalence study carried out in the country. It is a moderate to severe headache (throbbing, usually on one side), often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light or noise. In severe cases, the discomfort is so great that it makes … Read more

A secret McDonald’s team has been spying for years on workers seeking to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour

Activists in the ‘Fight for $ 15’ campaign are considered by McDonald’s as a security threat and are being surveilled even through the use of social media monitoring tools, Vice reported. McDonald’s secret intelligence has been spying for years on its workers linked to the movement that seeks to increase the minimum wage to $ … Read more

Minimum Wage 2021 – night work shifts. Here are the new higher additions and severance pay [lista – 22.02.21]

The Council of Ministers decided that the minimum wage will increase by PLN 200 gross compared to 2020 and will amount to PLN 2,800 gross in 2021. Along with the increase of the lowest national rate, the allowances or severance pay will also increase. See how they change later in the gallery.

Venezuela: Trying to buy a house with the minimum wage could take more than 4,000 years

In Venezuela the minimum wage is 1’200,000 bolívares, equivalent to less than a dollar and with a constant devaluation. Recently the Banco Central (BCV), in the first month of 2021 the bolivar devalued 1.3% on average against the US dollar every 24 hours. With this, the EFE agency estimates that a worker with him minimum … Read more

Minimum retirement pension in Poland. Comment by the president of ZUS, prof. Gertrude Uścińska

The lowest pension in January 2021 was PLN 0.03, while servicing the account of such a pensioner costs ZUS PLN 150, and a transfer PLN 7.5. Therefore, the head of the Department, prof. Gertruda Uścińska, called for a change in the law on pensions lower than the minimum. – It has to be stopped. This … Read more

Mbappé in machine mode, Verratti at the rendezvous, the Pique flop, minimum service for Messi: the scores of Barça-PSG

PSG outclassed Barça thanks to a great Mbappé. Mauricio Pochettino’s men took a serious option on qualifying by winning at Camp Nou by a score of 1-4. On the Catalan side, the choices of Koeman, such as the tenure of Piqué, raise questions. The Blaugranas took to the water in the second half. Here are … Read more

Minimum wage 2021. New net rates. Do you get that much on hand? [15.02.2021]

What is the minimum wage in Poland in 2021? New rates have been in force since January – the government has decided that the “lowest national” rate will increase by PLN 200 gross. Check how it translated into the minimum wage and the net hourly wage. Under current law, the employer cannot pay less. It … Read more