minimum requirements, compatible equipment, what’s new and how to upgrade

The time has come, and today it officially arrives macOS Monterey, What is it the new version Apple’s operating system for your desktop and laptop computers. Therefore, we are going to take advantage of tell you everything about this new version, so that if it is the first time that you live a macOS update you know how to understand everything, and if you are already an expert you know the news.

Therefore, we will begin to talk to you about the minimum requirements or what you will need to be able to install the update. Then, we will go on to tell you the devices that are compatible, and we will tell you what are the main novelties that the new macOS 12 will attract. Finally, we will briefly remind you how to update.

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Support the 2022 Minimum Wage Increase, Speaker of the House of Representatives: For the People’s Economic Recovery

JAKARTA, – Speaker of the House Mrs. Maharani push for increase minimum wage 2022 can be realized optimally for the sake of restoring the welfare of the people, especially the people laborer affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, in 2021 there will be no increase in the minimum wage due to the decline in … Read more

Unlike 2021, the 2022 Minimum Wage (UMP) is Guaranteed to Increase!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government gave a strong signal that there would be an increase in the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) 2022. This is different from the conditions in 2021, where the government decided not to increase the UMP due to the pandemic conditions. The Minister of Manpower (Menaker), Ida Fauziyah, had released the … Read more

The minimum wage in Germany is set to rise sharply

2021-10-18 10:00 publication2021-10-18 10:00 share Foot. Sean Pavone / / Shutterstock In Germany, talks are underway to form a new government. The SPD, the Greens and the FDP reached a preliminary agreement, among others on the minimum wage. It is to be raised strongly. Inflation in Germany at the highest in nearly 30 years Currently, the … Read more

Check out the current minimum wage forecast for 2022

Beforehand, you must be aware that the national floor is readjusted every year. This measure is a way to guarantee the maintenance of the citizen’s purchasing power, given that the minimum wage must accompany the inflation rate reached at the end of the year. According to the INPC (National Consumer Price Index) which is the … Read more

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Flash statement about the minimum wage! 750 lira per month…

Last minute statement about the minimum wage! It includes hundreds of thousands of people. The minimum wage support application, which provides significant support to employers in reducing labor costs, also makes positive contributions to increasing employment. The amount of the support is determined according to the number of days of the insured. In this context, … Read more

CDA wants mandatory minimum number of driving lessons to prevent dangerous situations during driving tests

Up to 3000 times a year a driving test is prematurely interrupted because the candidate is driving too dangerously. The CDA suspects a business model for driving instructors and now wants to introduce a mandatory minimum number of driving lessons before a student is allowed to take an exam. If it is up to CDA … Read more