The Americans accuse Russia of mining ports in the Black Sea. There is a reaction from Moscow

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has had little access to the Black Sea due to the overwhelming strength of the Black Sea Fleet. However, according to American intelligence, the waters around the ports of Odessa and Ochakiv are currently mined by the Russian navy. Moreover, the Dnieper River has also been cut off, … Read more

The prime minister has announced greater coal mining

– Today it is better to think about mechanisms, also pan-European, that will prevent this gas blackmail and energy blackmail by Russia, said Mateusz Morawiecki before the second day of the EU summit in Brussels. He added that the issue of “restarting coal energy” will be raised. Morawiecki mentioned Germany, Austria and the Netherlands as … Read more

Cryptocurrency crash leads to mass sale of graphics cards for mining

Life is not easy for those who currently invest in the cryptocurrency market. Digital currencies have suffered heavy drops in their valuation, which becomes a significant concern for all fans of this segment. The consequences are starting to be noticed because, according to the latest information, the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies is leading … Read more

Bitcoin’s fall below $20,000 led to the capitulation of miners and hodlers

The fall in the price of bitcoin below $20,000 triggered a new wave of deleveraging and liquidations that affected miners and long-term investors. These are the conclusions made by Glassnode analysts. This weekend, #Bitcoin plunged below the 2017 $20k ATH, as numerous entities in the market were deleveraged or liquidated. In our latest Week Onchain … Read more

Marathon Digital Accelerates Bitcoin Mining not afraid of falling prices

The website reports that although the pricebitcoin (BTC) may be reduced to the point of uselessness. that can no longer be profitable for miners by but Marathon Digital Holdings One of the largest bitcoin mining companies in North America says it will continue to work on accumulating leading digital assets. Charlie Schumacher, vice president … Read more

Aon, a mining boss from Koba, becomes the head of the illegal tin mining task force formed by the acting governor, what is his job?

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA – Entrepreneur from Koba, Central Bangka, Thamron alias Aon appointed as the Bangka Belitung Illegal Tin Mining Task Force. Who Aon? Aon is known as an entrepreneur in the mining and plantation sector in Central Bangka. Citing the website of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia, Thamron alias Aon He … Read more

Bitcoin, mining at a standstill due to the crypto crisis

ASICs on the verge of falling – The return of the price of the Bitcoin (BTC) at $20,000 would negatively impact its hash rate. Some mining machinery could be put stopped if the bulls fail to regain key levels. Antminer: first victims of a $20,000 bitcoin Machines ASIC would not more profitable following the Bitcoin … Read more

5 RI Mining Treasures Exported to Malaysia, No. 1 Makes You Addictive

loading… Indonesia’s mining treasures cannot be separated from the glances of neighboring countries such as Malaysia, whose exports continue to increase every year. Photo/Doc JAKARTA – Treasure Indonesian mining is also inseparable from the glances of neighboring countries such as Malaysia , whose exports continue to increase every year. A number of mining commodity whose … Read more

5 Indonesian Mining Treasures with the Largest Reserves

loading… The abundance of natural resources (SDA) and the variety of mining commodities are opportunities for the Indonesian economy. First, check out Indonesia’s largest mining treasure reserves. Photo/Doc JAKARTA – Abundance natural resources (SDA) and the variety mining commodity an opportunity for the Indonesian economy. Treasure Mines that are in the bowels of Mother Earth’s … Read more

The Chinese version of the new feeling Rougelike mining strategy game “Underground Divers” will be listed on June 30

The Asian branch of ARC SYSTEM WORKS announced that it is expected to launch a new feeling Roguelike mining strategy game “Roguelike” on June 30scuba diver(Tentative translation, original name: Ground Divers!)” Nintendo Switch Chinese digital download version, and released the game information and game screen. 《scuba diver” is a new-feeling Roguelike game on the stage … Read more