There are more cases of covid than in previous years in the same period, epidemiologist warns — ČT24 — Czech Television

On Monday, 3,786 new confirmed cases were added, which is the most in one day since mid-April and about five hundred more than a week ago. Another 1758 cases are kept as reinfections. According to Pazdiora, there was no significant decrease in the number of cases in the summer months, as in previous years. “A … Read more

Only the rich buy a family home. The CNB flooded the euro market. The Czechia will burn the masks

we unlock >>> Distributors of building materials experienced a period of long prosperity that allowed them to conquer every medium-sized city. Now the constant growth is over, next year the market will drop by a fifth, fears the chairman of the board of directors of construction company Pro-Doma, Jan Mařinec. “It would be the biggest … Read more

Slovakia and covid lockdown: What about travel, borders and mountains

The president’s emotional speech has become a symbol of the current crisis Čaputové, which, after visiting the Bratislava hospital, called on the Slovak population to stop spreading misinformation and to start trusting experts more. What measures now apply, how state of emergency and lockdown affect travel to the country and everyday life, and what should … Read more