The experience of Govina, who has been investing for two years: what the portfolio looks like and what mistakes she would not make again

Although the most popular among Lithuanians investment the choice remains the purchase of real estate, more and more residents are becoming interested or involved in investing in other asset classes. Among them is the former head of financial market supervision of the Bank of Lithuania, who founded a social initiative for women investors Ekaterina Govina. … Read more

Proteins and the gym: when to take them and the mistakes not to be made

Nutritionist biologist Riccardo Roveda explains how to manage the delicate relationship between these macronutrients and working out in the gym Francesco Palma November 25th The protein they are an integral part of the diet of every human being, but in particular the relationship that binds them to those who train in the gym seems almost … Read more

L. James, who made mistakes very often, still made a significant contribution to the victory

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Los Angeles Lakers (6/11) basketball players who 105:94 (33:21, 26:20, 20:34,26;19) defeated San Antonio Spurs (6/14). For the winners, Anthony Davis scored 25 points (10/13 doubles, 5/7 penalty), 15 rebounds, 4 assists, a steal, 3 blocks, 3 fouls and 4 fouls in 35 minutes. LeBron James was also … Read more

Clothes take a long time to dry if you hang them like this – 4 mistakes you should not make if you want clothes that are dry and fragrant quickly – Beauty and fashion

In winter, it is much more difficult for clothes to dry in the apartment, and this causes problems for many people, especially in smaller homes. And if you make some common mistakes, you will slow down this process even more. If you want to quickly remove them from the litter box, and smell it, then … Read more

A nightmarish evening for the people of Kaunas – more mistakes than utility points

Vytautas Pliauga’s students lost 52:84 (15:20, 10:27, 17:17, 10:20) against “Šilutė” (8-6). Before this match, Zalgiris had a 13-game winning streak. This means that there is no undefeated team left in the 7bet-NKL Championship. The team from Kaunas, who played without their leader Motiejas Krivos in this match, looked hopeless: they made only 7 assists, … Read more

Tunisia and Mali.. The referee of the Canada-Belgium match recalls his previous mistakes

The Canada-Belgium match revived the controversy over the Zimbabwean referee, Jani Sikazwe, after he failed to award Canada two penalty kicks, according to the newspaper.dem” Spanish. The newspaper said that the referee started the match well and awarded a penalty kick in the first half, which was saved by Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, but … Read more

Judge Kozielewicz: “Dead” was characterized by many mistakes

More than twenty years after that sentence, during one of the trainings organized by Iustitia, a man approached me during the break and asked if I remembered him. I honestly said no. It turned out to be the judge. He has already ruled in the appellate court. From other judges I learned that he was … Read more

Olympic champion admits mistakes. I have butter on my head, he admits

Hadamczik established a direction to follow. What he said before the election of the head of hockey, he is trying to fulfill. He talked about setting up youth competitions, controlling how players train and also testing them. “However, the main issue now is the forensic audit, which is now on the table. Waiting for that … Read more

Apple shouldn’t make these mistakes next year

The iPhone 14 has just been released, but more and more is becoming clear about the iPhone 15. What mistakes should Apple not make when launching the iPhone 15 next year?

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Year-end adjustment common mistakes here!Part 2: Various insurance premium deductions | Tosil Rakuten Securities investment information media

Points to note regarding life insurance premium deductions (3) When a spouse or relative bears the insurance premium Continuing from the last time, I will explain some points to note about deductions for various insurance premiums in the year-end tax adjustment. I always feel that I have to be very careful about deducting life insurance … Read more