Fully deployed, the James Webb space telescope continues its flight to orbit

Launched aboard an Ariane 5 rocket in Guyana on December 25, the James Webb space telescope successfully completed its deployment in space through its main mirror on Saturday. “Mirror, mirror… deployed! Webb has taken its final form. Over the next 6 months or so, the space telescope will cool, calibrate its instruments and prepare to … Read more

Real guns may be safe for filming, says Matthew McConaughey

Since the death of a director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, killed by an accidental shooting by the actor Alec Baldwin on the set of the film “Rust”, calls to ban firearms on the sets have multiplied. A petition to this effect had gathered nearly 80,000 signatures on Friday. Alec Baldwin activated during a rehearsal a … Read more

Scandal! Cristiano Ronaldo wears the wrong jersey at the Dubai museum

London’s famous wax museum opened its first branch in the Arab world this week in Dubai. The white and black striped swimsuit worn by the statue of “CR7” made a big splash on the internet. “Cristiano Ronaldo fans will be delighted to learn that his wax statue will be updated very soon with his new … Read more

Angelique Kidjo, Davido and other mainland celebrities plead for vaccine donations

People now have the choice between the Pfizer vaccine and that of Astra Zeneca. The province of North Kivu, located in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of the regions with a high number of cases and deaths linked to the coronavirus. Provincial authorities on Wednesday launched vaccination with doses … Read more

Naomi Campbell and Nigerian Kenneth Ize open Fashion week in Paris

Nigerian Kenneth Ize, sponsored by star model Naomi Campbell, will open Spring-Summer 2022 Women’s Ready-to-Wear Week, with a parade at the Palais de Tokyo in the evening. During this first day traditionally dedicated to young designers, the Weinsanto brand of Victor Weinsanto will also parade, which recently joined the official calendar and is a fan … Read more

The new James Bond unveiled next week

Before putting away his tuxedo in the closet, the 53-year-old British actor will be put to the test: chases, explosions, shootings … the trailer suggests an intense episode, rich in stunts and gadgets, in the pure tradition of 007. With a year and a half late due to the pandemic, the film will be unveiled … Read more

“Disfigured” by aesthetic care, a top model claims 50 million dollars in compensation

She said this week to have been “irreparably disfigured” by a cosmetic treatment that went wrong five years ago, in a message to her more than 980,000 subscribers on Instagram. Supposed to be slimming, Zeltiq’s “CoolSculpting” treatment had the opposite effect of multiplying his fat cells, thus modifying his face. It uses the technique of … Read more

In South Africa, a train to vaccinate against Covid

The Los Angeles school district, the second largest in the United States, decided Thursday to require all students aged 12 and over to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if they wish to attend a public school. This vote by district officials, which has some 600,000 students in total, concerns about 220,000 of them eligible for vaccination, … Read more