“Ally Achiraya” fired! I fight people, respond softly, but it hurts, being mocked by annoying noises: PPTVHD36

The singer “Ally-Achiraya Nitipon” opened her heart after hitting back at the annoying voice comment. say no to sue But choose to reply in your own corner. I want to get up and show my stand Talking about other people on social media can be emotional. is another girl who has often received negative comments … Read more

Chelsea’s Mychajlo Mudryk in windy weather – people mocked in the gym

Mychajlo Mudryk has come under fire after he mocked a man at the gym in a video. One who reacted strongly was Joey Swoll, one of the world’s biggest fitness influencers. – Excuse my language, but what the hell is wrong with you?, says Swoll TikTok. In January, Chelsea’s new acquisition Mychajlo Mudryk ended up … Read more

“I’m not talking to these people”: very moved, Louane shows her support for Anna Biolay, mocked in Cannes

Social networks were fierce, a few days ago, after the rise of the Cannes steps of Anna Biolay, daughter of Benjamin and Chiara Mastroianni. insulted because “daughter of” playing in the cinema and mocked for her physique, the young woman was taken down by malicious Internet users, but fortunately largely supported by colleagues and sisters. … Read more

Comedian Ghita Asfour mocked on the Web (VIDEO)

Ghita Asfour was talked about after her participation in the series “Trik Al Ward”, broadcast on 2M. The young comedian was mocked, in fact, on the Web following his performance deemed bland. A scene also particularly reacted to Internet users, during which Ghita Asfour plays the role of a grieving mother after losing custody of … Read more

Mocked After Kissing Ganjar’s Hand, Said Iqbal Moves Workers to Demonstration Against the Job Creation Law

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Labor Party and trade union organizations will hold a demonstration against the Job Creation Law. The action will be held in several areas which have already begun in Jakarta on May Day 1 last May. This action was at the same time in response to the ridicule made to the Labor … Read more

How did Tawfiq Al-Daqin behave when Najeeb Al-Rihani mocked his name? .. video

Books: Gamal Abdel Nasser Wed, 03 May 2023 09:00 AM Counselor revealed Madi Tawfiq Al-Daqin On the position of his father’s meeting with the artist Najeeb Al-Rayhani, when Al-Rayhani was in the selection committee for actors, and one of them was the late artist Tawfiq Al-Daqen, Al-Rayhani asked him: What is this chin, what does … Read more

They mocked Kraśka. “Wiadomości” waited almost until the last moment – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet In the Monday edition of TVP’s “Wiadomości”, Piotr Kraśko was targeted by the station. Since the time for income tax settlement is running out, the editors reminded the viewers about the approaching deadline. “By the way” reference was made to the “tax scandal” involving a journalist. One of the most important threads raised … Read more

The first lady of the USSR was mocked by the entire Western world: a woman who was more educated than a man was booed because of her appearance

Being the first lady of a country is not easy – and these days there are a lot of curious situations where you don’t come across with the right outfit or image. Everyone immediately notices such “clunks” and “nullishes” them. But probably only Nina Khrushcheva had to endure such a burst of bullying: “The first … Read more