Prigozhin taunted Shoigu on his birthday. He sent a mocking letter with “wishes”

The course of the war in Ukraine, embellished with numerous defeats of the Russians and long-lasting, exhausting fights, conflicted part of the Russian military world with the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, headed by Sergei Shoigu. Last year, it was said that the main opponent of the defense minister was Yevgeny Prigozhin, the … Read more

The retail network was surprised by the price of limes: they are mocking the buyers

“It is no longer surprising that food has become more expensive for some time and that you have to pay almost 10 euros for a kilogram of cottage cheese, which is gradually becoming a luxury item, but the greed of traders should have some limits. The other day, 3 pieces of limes in the store … Read more

Adian Napitupulu Calls Prabowo Not A Comparable Opponent, Ganjar: No One Is Mocking

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Ganjar Pranowo responded to the statement made by PDIP politician Adian Napitupulu, which mocked Prabowo Subianto. According to the deputy coordinator of the Ganjar winning team, Prabowo is not a match for Ganjar. Adian’s reason was that Prabowo had participated in the presidential election three times, and always lost. Ganjar tries to … Read more

The Englishman mocked the death of Maradona. Italian fans are hunting him

English fan Jake Hepple, whose identity is already known, did not succeed in this. He went to Italy’s match against England, played in Naples at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, and had his picture taken with a flag that contained an inscription mocking the death of the legendary Argentinian footballer. The Italian fans, for whom … Read more

Hey, your friend, Farhan, with the fine..The first comment from May Al-Aidan after the verdict against her in the case of mocking the artist, “Ahmed Badir,” describing him as “al-Aqra'”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, responded to her fine, in favor of the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Badir, with 500 dinars, on charges of insulting him about two years ago. And she said in a tweet to her on her official account on Twitter: “Oh, your friend, Ahmed Badir Farhan, with a fine of 500 … Read more

‘Karma Zalimi Cristiano Ronaldo’ – Piers Morgan Satisfied Mocking Out Manchester United After Slaughtered by Liverpool

Piers Morgan mocked Manchester United, calling the 7-0 defeat at Liverpool “karma” for letting go of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was released by the Red Devils The decision was made after an explosive interview United’s worst defeat in history versus Liverpool WHAT HAPPENED? The renowned British journalist has an excellent relationship with Ronaldo, having interviewed the … Read more

“The trend made some people crazy.” Tamer Hosni comments on Ahmed Adam’s accusation of mocking him

01:03 PM Sunday, February 26, 2023 I wrote – Marcel Nazmy: The artist, Tamer Hosni, sent a message to the artist, Ahmed Adam, after the pioneers of social networking sites accused the latter of mocking the first in pursuit of the “trend”, after showing the latest episodes of the “Adam Show” program on Al-Hayat channel. … Read more

Pictures- Kim Kardashian in a sexy bikini mocking her sister Kendall Jenner

TV star Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos while she was spending time on the beach, and her younger sister, international model Kendall Jenner, took the pictures from the top of the stairs. The star wears a tiny white bikini paired with silver sunglasses. In her photos, she rotated between looking at the camera … Read more

The mocking fate of Angelo Pinna, who died on the 554: for work he provided assistance in accidents

Intervening in the event of accidents was his job, by a horrible fate he died right on the road. Angelo Pinna, 37 years old, from Orani, this morning was at Cagliari for work – he ran a roadside assistance company – when, for reasons under investigation, remained involved in the crash on 554 between two … Read more