The strongest Mokka is the electric one. Opel Mokka-e is a commodity for those who choose with their eyes

City Opel can run on diesel, petrol and electricity, it only depends on the customer which drive he chooses. The new generation of Mokka wants to impress at first sight, the bow is supposed to resemble the visor of a motorcycle helmet and we are said to see it on all future Opels that will … Read more

We drove: Opel Mokka

We can hardly find a classic Opel ticket in the new Mokka. Due to the definite features, the dashboard has a pretty peugeot feel, which is not a problem at all. Strange recognition, but this car has an Opel smell, that was my first thought when I sat in it. It can be tied to … Read more

Car news: Opel Mokka radically changes the look and content

Otherwise, if the previous Mocha still came from the General Motors era, while the new one was already created under the auspices of the French concern PSA. And you can’t say that meeting Peugeot and Citroen Mokkai is bad – on the contrary! “The design of the new Moka, which even has a special name, … Read more

TV AUTO NEWS TEST: Opel Mokka starts all over again (+ VIDEO)

Who doesn’t know such a car Opel Mokka? In our latitudes, this is the most important Opel model. It turns out that Mokka has experienced only one generation of models so far, while the others had two or three. It could not continue, so Opel built a completely new Mokka, and it is not at … Read more

the strategy manager tells us about the Mokka

TURNING POINT – The Opel Mokka (read who the first contact) is a turning point for Opel: this compact crossover brings the brand’s new stylistic language to its debut, with the particularity of the glossy black “blind” grille that joins the headlights. Compared to the previous generation it is very different: we talked about it … Read more

Opel Mokka: We have rehearsed the ‘electric’ and gasoline versions – Rehearsal

It’s a real step forward in Opel’s future, with the Mokka being the brand’s spearhead Germanic. THE That Machine have been behind the wheel of crossover in the streets of Lisbon and on the winding roads of the Serra de Monsanto, and the first impressions are frankly positive. In the brief comparative test were the … Read more

Velvet – Gumicukor – András Várkonyi synchronized anno porn movies, Andrea Várkonyi wore a spectacular ring in Mokka

Below is a summary of fresh information and curiosities about domestic celebrities, read on! Today it is András Várkonyi the most expensive celebrity on star messaging sites, but Among Friends, Uncle Vili didn’t do so well before the series kicked off. In the 1990s, he took on many dubbing roles, including porn movies. This testimony … Read more

Not just an electric car. The new Opel Mokka also comes with internal combustion engines

Now we have before us a conventional version, which, in addition to a lower price, will certainly be more popular with customers. As we expected, there is a 1.2 PureTech three-cylinder petrol engine in two power versions and a 1.5 BlueHDi turbodiesel under the hood. 100 to 130 horses and honest exhaust, no dummy. Photo: … Read more