Heartbreaking, a student in Asahan was molested repeatedly by his teacher, this is the chronology

Asahan, North Sumatra – Heartbreaking fate experienced by a student at Expect it. The reason is, he has been forcibly molested by his teacher repeatedly in Darul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School Teacher Housing. This was revealed by Kasatreskrim Asahan Police, AKP Mumhammad Said Husein on tvonenews.com, Thursday (28/7/2022). He also mentioned that the perpetrators of … Read more

An elementary school boy in Deliserdang was molested by his biological father, the perpetrator was arrested by the police

Deliserdang (ANTARA) – A child who is still in elementary school (SD) in Bangun Purba District, Deliserdang Regency, was molested by his biological father. The victim Mawar (pseudonym) is 11 years old, a grade VI student at a public elementary school in Deliserdang Regency. The lecherous father with the initials P (35) has now been … Read more

The inconsequential confession of a father in Jombang who molested his stepdaughter

Jombang – BD (51), has the heart to rape his stepdaughter since the victim was 6 years old. The actions of this unemployed man from Sumobito, Jombang made the victim afraid to go home. It turned out that the disgraceful act was admitted as a suspect to arouse passion with his wife. BD admitted that … Read more

Ustaz TPQ who molested 3 male students became suspects

Mojokerto – The police finally named Ustaz TPQ in Sooko District, Mojokerto Rudianto alias Dian (RD) as a suspect in the sexual abuse of 3 of his own male students. The news of the determination and detention of the suspect was greeted with tears of emotion by the mothers of the victims. Head of Criminal … Read more

5-month-old baby died molested by his biological mother, this is what a psychologist says

KOMPAS.com – One now five months old with the initials AD in Wonocolo District, Kota SurabayaEast Java, has the heart to be abused by his own mother, whose initials are SE. Quoted from the news Kompas.com Monday (27/6/2022) edition, the police said that the reason for the perpetrators was because they were angry with the … Read more

Makes it painful, Ustaz victims in Mojokerto are fed pornographic videos before being molested

Mojokerto – An ustaz Al-Qur’an Education Park (TPQ) in the village of Sooko Subdistrict, Mojokerto with the initials RD (40) is suspected of molesting 3 of his male students. While in action he force-fed the victim with a pornographic video with the mode of checking puberty. The mother of one of the victims said that … Read more

Accused of stealing cellphones, boy from Padang dies molested on ship bound for Makassar

KATASUMBAR – A boy from Padang was reported to have died because he was abused aboard the Dharma Kencana 7 motorboat (KM). The ship sailed from Surabaya to Makassar. The boy is known to have the initials DP. Quoted from Merdeka.com, DP was reportedly killed after being accused of allegedly stealing a passenger’s cellphone. The … Read more

Zara Phythian and her husband Victor Marke sexually molested a child. They heard a total of 32 charges

British actress and stunt performer Zara Phythian, known, among others for her role in “Doctor Strange,” she was found guilty of fourteen sexual offenses against a child. Her husband heard the charges in the same case. – They have always had power over me – testified in court a girl who is now an adult. … Read more

A dangerous and daring fiery confession… The legend of belly dancing, Fifi Abdo… breaks her silence and reveals how Ahmed Zaki was molested in his film! !

2022/05/04 It’s 05:50 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite A news report was previously published by Egyptian news websites, including the Authority website, in which he talked about the star, Fifi Abdo, who is considered one of the most important belly dancers, She was even called the “Fourth Pyramid of Egypt”, as “Fifi Abdo” received … Read more

Child who was held captive and molested by stepfather was rescued after residents broke down his door

DEPOK, KOMPAS.com – A number of residents of Ragajaya Village, Bojonggede, Bogor Regency, raided a rented house that contained a child with the initials PR (8) in a condition held captive by his stepfather, on Sunday (3/4/2022) night. The break-in action began when a number of residents received information from the victim’s biological mother who … Read more