Frustrated attack against Daniel Jadue: Court condemns individuals who threw Molotov cocktails in the church where Recoleta councilor was located to eight and 10 years in prison

The Oral Criminal Court of Osorno today condemned the two responsible for a frustrated attack against the mayor of Recoleta and former presidential candidate of the Communist Party, Daniel Jadue. The event occurred on February 27, 2020 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pampa Alegre, where 80 people were present. The subjects threw a Molotov … Read more

Court found guilty those who threw Molotovs in Jadue’s act

The Oral Criminal Court of Osorno found guilty two subjects by the throwing of a Molotov cocktails in an evangelical church. Both guys decided to throw the artifact away because inside the temple, Recoleta’s mayor PC, Daniel Jadue, was speaking at a meeting. The court set for the next July 28 the reading of the … Read more

“It could be that the fire started with molotov cocktails … it was impressive!”

Posted on Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 7:16 p.m. By Morena Square In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, around midnight, fires, apparently criminal, broke out at Avenue Mascaux in Marcinelle. Three vehicles were completely destroyed. The residents testify. The night was agitated, for the inhabitants of avenue Mascaux, woken up by the police and … Read more

Subjects attack house with Molotov cocktails in downtown Santiago

A confused and dramatic situation has been experienced for weeks by a neighbor in the Parque Los Reyes sector, in central Santiago, who denounces that on several occasions a group of unknown persons has begun to attack his house with shots and Molotov cocktails. The case, which the affected person made known to Meganoticias, It … Read more

Burning barricades, Molotov cocktails. Berlin squatters resist hundreds of police officers

About two hundred masked people threw stones, flammable bottles, and firecrackers at the police. Tram tracks also blocked the streets, set up barricades and set them on fire. Police officers put out the fire with water cannons and smashed the barricades with armored vehicles. At night, the situation calmed down, but from the morning there … Read more

Apart from the Molotov Bomb, the police confiscated the Anarko flag from the gang that wanted to infiltrate the DPR demonstration

JAKARTA, – The Polda Metro Jaya detained eight of the hundreds of people who were arrested when they wanted to join the demonstration against the Work Creation Omnibus Law Bill around the DPR / MPR Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (14/8/2020). The eight people were suspected of being an intruder who wanted to create … Read more

Portland served 60 consecutive nights of protests: Police found rifle magazines and Molotov bombs

Protesta and Portland (Reuters)Portland (Oregon) police reported the discovery of a bag with rifle magazines and firearms near a park where most of the protests against racism and police abuse have been registered, which have already completed 60 days of protests and deployments of law enforcement. Every night since the viralization of the video of … Read more