Athiya Shetty, KL Rahul get clicked in candid moments with Suniel Shetty and family in the UNSEEN wedding pics

On January 23, Suniel Shetty‘s daughter Athiya Shetty and Indian cricketer KL Rahul tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. After dating for quite some time, the duo took their relationship to the next level and sealed the deal for life. The love birds got married at Shetty’s Khandala farmhouse. After tying the knot in … Read more

Scandalous images! A slingshot sentence from the guard to the naked prisoner playing with his genitals in his ward… Those moments were recorded second by second.

Unnamed footage taken in a Russian prison prisoner and witnessed the interesting moments of the guard. The guard, who saw the prisoner who was standing naked in his ward and started to play with his genitals, made a move to punish him. HIT WITH SLING The guard, who shot the prisoner with a rubber sling … Read more

[포착] “Even death is mysterious”… Average Lifespan ‘100 Years’ Last Moments of Stars

Will the stars die? When you accidentally discover a sparkling star in the vast universe and the black night sky, there is a moment when you suddenly wonder about the star’s life. With the development of technology, it has become possible to clearly observe numerous moments of stars that are difficult to observe with the … Read more

Tips for using your phone for productivity: It will only take a few moments

A smartphone can replace dozens of devices that people used to buy separately. Many people don’t realize that properly organized smartphone apps and settings can help you become more productive, multitask and focus. It turns out that it only takes a few moments and creativity. It is important to properly prepare your phone so that … Read more

A rare case: the “Hubble” telescope monitors the last moments of a star swallowed by a black hole (video)

While some stars reach the end of their lives in an explosion and turn into a supernova, others end up getting rid of their material before it contracts, cools and extinguishes. But they rarely suffer a more serious fate, when they are devoured by a “hungry” black hole. Such a thing only happens a few … Read more

Look at the cute, warm moments Leia and these 2 important people. Sit and look, sit and carry all day.

I’m already a full-fledged mother for “Ice Apisada”, who on January 10, 2023 gave birth to her first daughter with a foreign husband named “Little Leia (Léa)” Weight 3.525, we will constantly see Leia’s cute moments through Mother Ice’s Instagram. and they live together in Phuket Today we will take you to see the moment … Read more

The heartbreaking video from inside the plane moments before the crash in Nepal

Passenger on board the plane records the right moment of the tragedy in Nepal 1:06 (CNN) — A Facebook Live video purporting to show the last terrifying moments inside the cabin of Yeti Airlines Flight 691 before it crashed in Nepal on Sunday circulated online in recent hours as search and recovery efforts continue on … Read more

Watch the moments of terror experienced by the passengers of a plane.. its door opened in the air

Have you ever imagined that the door of the plane may open during the flight in the air? This is what the passengers of a Russian plane actually experienced after the back door of the plane opened, leaving moments of terror. The plane, which had 25 passengers on board, encountered this problem while it was … Read more