Wage-inflation spiral. The Czech Republic is doing well

The Czech Republic has already entered a wage-inflationary spiral, warns CNB banking board member Tomáš Holub. According to Trinity Bank economist Lukáš Kovanda, this means that taming inflation will take longer and cause greater economic and social damage. The Czech economy has already partially found itself in a wage-inflationary spiral, according to Tomáš Holub, the … Read more

Matas Laukevičius. The approaching end of the rate hike cycle and investor patience

The results of the companies so far exceed expectations The period for announcing the results of the first quarter of this year is ending. It shows that the results of the companies are good enough and 77.3 percent. cases exceed analysts’ expectations. The long-term S&P 500 corporate “surprise” rate stands at 66 percent. The average … Read more

ECB will raise interest rates three more times with peak to arrive in July, economists predict – Interest Rates

The European Central Bank (ECB) is preparing to raise the interest rate on deposits by 25 basis points three more times: in May, June and July. The forecast is from economists heard by Bloomberg, who estimate that the final interest rate on deposits will be 3.75% (they are now at 3%), remaining at that level … Read more

“I’m sorry, there will be bankruptcy.” Banks and a blow from the USA. Who to thank

Questionnaire Should the government increase the basic rate of VAT from 21% to 23%? voted: 5226 people Monday was calm on the financial markets, there was no sudden collapse of a bank or other financial institution. However, the long-term prognosis is not good. For example, Kristalina Georgieva, director of the International Monetary Fund, notices this. … Read more

If the Fed raises rates today there will be less appetite for riskier assets | YOUR MONEY

“We have seen that several analysts and investors, who are behind it, consider that the Fed should pause its rate hike. If you decide to increase it tomorrow (today) there could be an additional downward correction in the market”, foresees Miguel Leiva, vice president of Variable Income Research at Credicorp Capital. Which explains part of … Read more

UBS boss to lead new major bank after merger

Report: Silicon Valley Bank prospects According to a media report, there are prospective buyers for the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the USA. First Citizens BancShares is considering a bid, reports Bloomberg, citing insiders. At least one other company is also seriously considering a takeover. Initially, no comment was available from SVB and First … Read more

Zamrazilová: If the CNB predicts a 10 percent increase in wages, there is a risk of a tightening of monetary policy

In the estimate of key indicators published on February 3, the Czech National Bank stated that it expects this year’s nominal wage growth of 8.5 percent, which would mean a real decrease of 0.4 percent. According to recent data from the Czech Statistical Office, the average wage in the Czech Republic rose nominally by 6.5 … Read more

Christian Lie: This is how 2023 can be better than its reputation

Should the inflation figures continue to move in the right direction, the central bank in the USA will already be able to reach the interest rate peak in the first half of the year. For investors, this will be the first step in the direction of desired interest rate cuts. Is the biggest negative effect … Read more

Positive foreign factors push SET through 1,700 points I TNN Hours of making money I 17-01-66

Positive foreign factors push the SET through 1,700 points This week is another week where we still have to see if the SET Index will reach 1,700 or not. But if assessed from the voices of many analysts Quite the same view that there is a chance to pass. because of pressure factors, especially from … Read more

Kovanda: Applause for the crown. It remains strong against the euro and the dollar

On Monday morning, the koruna strengthened against the euro to the strongest level since 2008, and it also strengthened significantly against the dollar. It is helped by the post-covid boom of the Chinese and Asian markets and the weakening prospects of the dollar, economist Lukáš Kovanda writes in his commentary. During this morning’s trading, the … Read more