Monetize content with TikTok Live Subscriptions

May 26, 2022 If we exclude the solicitation of donations during live broadcasts, the TikTok platform did not really offer a way for influencers to monetize their content. The situation is about to change, with the launch in beta version of a paid subscription feature called “LIVE Subscription”. Explanations. That’s done. This May 26, TikTok … Read more

Fortnite will receive its full editor this year and users will be able to monetize the content

The players of Fortnite Creative will receive complete tools to expand the possibilities of what they can create in the successful Fortniteas Tim Sweeney commented in a interview. Not only will it expand the possibilities of creation, but Epic Games will allow creations to be monetized to compete in a certain way with Roblox. “Fortnite … Read more

how to monetize the goose that lays the golden eggs?

In transport, while cooking, during sport, before sleeping, during a break … Nomadic format and variable duration par excellence, the podcast continues to attract new followers in France. On the occasion of the fourth edition of the Paris Podcast Festival, the Havas Paris agency and the CSA Research institute have unveiled a study which confirms … Read more