Boss Yam Status June, a special close friend Happy birthday, get a ring – big money

Boss Yam Status June, a special close friend Happy birthday, get a ring – big money Follow the news, press follow, live news Boss Yam Status / open to the media to collect photos of the atmosphere of filming the latest music video WINK at BOOZE BANGKOK after a year away from having a single … Read more

G7 ends with unity against Russia, more money for Ukraine and loose ends

AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 19:17 Charlotte Waaijers correspondent Germany Charlotte Waaijers correspondent Germany Arms around each other, jokes about Putin, host countries from all over the world: everything during the G7 summit in southern Germany was aimed at showing a united and broad front against Russia and other countries with a strong central authority. Concrete commitments … Read more

TOP 10 cool products from AliExpress that you need to buy while you have money

There are a lot of different goods on Aliexpress, among which there are useful and not so useful devices. Sometimes, you yourself don’t know whether a gadget is needed or not: you put it in “Favorites” and forget it. The thought of what should have been taken comes when the money runs out. In order … Read more

Credit Suisse is condemned for money laundering

Switzerland’s highest criminal court, the Federal Criminal Court, fined Credit Suisse two million Swiss francs (about two million euros). The Court noted the bank’s shortcomings in monitoring relations linked to a criminal organization involved in drug trafficking as well as in monitoring compliance with anti-money laundering rules by the hierarchy, the legal department and the … Read more

″Gigantic Furnaces of Money″: Elon Musk Says New Tesla Factories in Berlin and Texas Lose ″Billions″ | NEWS | D.W.

Tesla’s new electric car factories in Grünheide, near Berlin, and in Austin, in the US state of Texas, are currently losing “billions of dollars”, according to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. Musk described the sites as “giant furnaces for burning money” in a video interview published last week. In the interview with the Tesla Owners … Read more

Here’s How Bank Riau-Kepri Admins Steal Customer’s Money of up to IDR 5 Billion since 2 Years Ago All

PEKANBARU, The Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimsus) of the Riau Police has arrested the perpetrators of the theft customer money at Bank Riau and Riau Islands (BRK) Pekanbaru City Branch, Riau. The perpetrator is RP (33), a financing admin employee at BRK Pekanbaru Branch. From the results of the investigation, RP stole money … Read more

Traders have found that people have a lot of money. They are about to brutally trick prices

It might seem that at the level of price increases that the Czech Republic is currently experiencing, people will resort to a more prudent use of their money. Simply put, they will start saving. However, we do not see this yet, although inflation breaks records and is one of the highest at the European level. … Read more

Very effective trick but unknown to many in order not to waste money and save a lot of euros at the supermarket or shopping center

The sharp rise in prices encourages many families to save. The higher costs of bills and gasoline, but also of food, push to cut the purchase of products that are not strictly necessary. There is a very simple method that could help cut unnecessary expenses and save hundreds of euros a year. This method can … Read more

Car Transporting 6 Suitcases Full of Money Splashed into Irrigation in Karawang, Sinked and Couldn’t Be Lifted car carrying money fell into the irrigation of the East Tarum Dam (BT) 15, Pucung Village, Kotabaru District, Regency KarawangWest Java, Monday (27/6/2022). “That’s right, the sinking has not been able to be lifted up to now. There is money in it,” said the Head of the Karawang Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Yasin … Read more