a function will allow you to earn money for content in states

The feature operates similarly to Instagram Stories, which have banner ads. In this way, users will be able to share their WhatsApp stories on other social networks to reach a greater number of people and establish faster contact with the company. Currently, the Push Status feature is available in the beta version of WhatsApp Business … Read more

Big rain of money over Martin Ponsiluoma and Hanna Öberg: “Awesome”

Hanna Öberg and Martin Ponsiluoma can leave this year’s biathlon season with great success behind them. It was the first victory for both over the distance in Kontiolahti. Since then, Ponsiluoma has been recorded for a total of five more individual podiums – before this season, that was how many he had in total. For … Read more

[POPULER MONEY] Luhut Asks IMF not to mess around | Electric Vehicle Subsidies Begin

1. Luhut to IMF: You Don’t Mess Up… The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) questioned the government’s reasons for banning exports of raw materials such as nickel and bauxite. He conveyed this in the SPBE Summit 2023 Digital Government Award agenda which … Read more

How the current crisis will affect the future of our money

Cryptocurrencies will not be a means of payment. Source: shutterstock.com/metamorworks/diy13 Bitcoin price surged in response to failing banks. Since 2008, recent events can be considered the worst for the banking sector. And that’s when digital currencies were born. Similar situations remind us, how vulnerable our finances are and how high our dependence on banks is. … Read more

Program says how to convince the boss: More salary thanks to artificial intelligence | Money

For many employees it is one of the most difficult and important questions: How do I succeed in salary negotiations? The latest trend: People are asking artificial intelligence “ChatGPT” how to proceed and which mistakes to avoid in order to get more money from the boss. BILD tried out the AI ​​program, documents the results … Read more

Lee Hye-young, ex-husband Lee Sang-min “The XX who had no money”… First Marriage Behind-the-Scenes

[앳스타일 김예나 기자] Broadcaster Lee Hye-young’s ex-husband He referred to Lee Sang-min as ‘that XX’ and ‘him’, making his best friend Tak Jae-hoon burst into laughter. Lee Hye-young appeared in a video uploaded to Tak Jae-hoon’s YouTube channel on the 16th. Lee Hye-young and Tak Jae-hoon have maintained a special friendship for a long time … Read more

Tomra on wholesale in Norwegian technology: Becomes the largest owner in Kezzler, which receives 115 million in fresh money

REFERRING TO NEW EU RULES: – It changes the position of Kezzler completely. The company IS fantastically well positioned for growth in the coming years, says Patrick Sandahl in Investinor (left). Further to the right, Lars Enge in Tomra, Christine C. Akselsen in Kezzler and Kaare Helle in DNV Ventures. Photo: Anders Horntvedt

Thousands of Czechs are already using a savings product that will improve your finances

Slovenská banka scores points on the Czech market in the competitive environment of domestic savings products mainly thanks to its flexibility and easy online access. In addition, the entire savings account is completely unconditional – no fees, no limits and free of charge. “I am pleased that our product Savings without limits is extremely successful … Read more