Money blog: affordability of your own home – less wages, less hypolasty?

When it makes sense to reduce the mortgage – and what to consider. Martin player Posted today at 5:45 am Smaller Hypo? Gladly, but not at any price! With amortization, the provision should not be weakened. Illustration: Christina Baeriswyl We are a family with grown children and we wonder if it doesn’t make sense for … Read more

Pay attention to the additional services!

January 15, 2021 – 1:09 pm Clock The average additional contribution is increased to 1.3 percent The corona crisis is costing health insurers dearly. Many statutory health insurances have therefore increased the additional contribution at the turn of the year – by an average of 0.2 points to 1.3 percent. The actual amount of the … Read more

Covid crisis – Economic hardship needs money and patience – News

content Those hard hit by Covid receive more help under simplified conditions. Patience is still required. Author: An analysis by Roman Mezzasalma The situation of part of the economy is comparable to that of last spring. Because the new measures quickly bring new economic victims. This time the antidotes are just a long time coming. … Read more

America adds reinforcements for the Guardians 2021 with little money

The transfer market is living its last opening days where the clubs hope to add the latest incorporations to face this championship that is already being disputed, where the Americanist institution has already added four new reinforcements of the team to face Guard1anes 2021 in a good way. The Eagles have added Mauro Lainez, Pedro … Read more

When money is needed quickly -: these alternatives exist

Sometimes the money is already tight and serious expenses are added. Now money is needed quickly, otherwise the problems will pile up. But how do you do that? The hope of winning the lottery directly is at best a hope, the bank robbery is undoubtedly taboo. Nevertheless, there must be good and sensible solutions to … Read more

Insurance: How am I actually insured when I work from home?

What if I trip over a toy in the home office? Am I insured in an emergency? These and many questions reach the editors every day. Lawyer Arndt Kempgens (52) from Gelsenkirchen answers the most important questions in BILD. “Beware of accidents at work and insurance traps in the home office,” warns Kempgens. The lawyer: … Read more

Tips for heirs: when and for what a certificate of inheritance is necessary

Updated January 12, 2021, 4:26 pm The bereaved of a deceased person have to take care of various things after their death. For one or the other matter, heirs need a certificate of inheritance. You can find more topics about children and families here Accounts, apartment, contracts: after Death of a relative at some point … Read more

Money for children and tax relief for companies – how Russia is countering the pandemic – russland.CAPITAL

The EU countries have made a total of 37 billion euros available to support their economies. Of this, eight billion euros will be distributed to companies that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus. Germany has taken steps to help companies and various groups that are particularly at risk during the coronavirus epidemic. The total … Read more