Spanish stock market: opportunities after the storm | Opinion

Over the last few years, the investor in the Spanish Stock Market has experienced a real roller coaster. Of the economic boom of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries there is little left. The euphoria that made us the most attractive market in Europe, supported by a significant demographic expansion (mainly due to immigration), … Read more

For whom are Riester contracts worthwhile?

What does Riester pension mean anyway? The Riester pension is a way of making private provision for old age. As with a normal pension, every saver pays a certain monthly contribution into a selected Riester model during the “savings phase”. For this he receives direct allowances from the state and tax advantages. The full support … Read more

At Huk-Coburg and Co., women spend significantly more money on motor vehicle policies than men

The changing season in motor vehicle insurance will enter the hot phase in the coming days. However, women sometimes have to pay significantly more for their car insurance than their male counterparts. Contract manager Volders claims to have found this out in a current analysis. With 795 euros per year, women drivers pay 57 euros … Read more

Metastatic breast cancer: “It can’t be that because I have less money I have to die”

In September 2016, Ingrid Tapia – who was 37 years old at the time – felt that something strange was happening in her body. Mother of two children, 21 and 12 years old, when she told the eldest, he recommended that she go to the doctor. “These things can’t wait,” he told her. The message … Read more

The liveliest art enters the funds of the Generalitat

A mural of the ‘Valencian spring’ and a three-dimensional piece of metal are two of the 37 contemporary works that the Generalitat has acquired for its collection. When the urban artist Vinz Feel Free (Valencia, 1979) created the mural “Don’t be afraid / Don’t be afraid” for the Incubarte Festival 2012, he never imagined that … Read more

The “Michigan” falls along with six others, arsenal, drugs and money – Zona Franca

Leon, Gto. A citizen complaint that led to an operation in the Real de Villa subdivision, concluded with the seizure of an arsenal, drugs, money, vehicles and seven people, among them a major drug dealer of the CJNG in the municipality, known as the “Michigan” . Reports from the National Guard indicate that at 11:30 … Read more

The Port is already claiming European funds to save jobs and companies

Valencia. The president of the Valencia Port Authority (APV), Aurelio Martínez, yesterday demanded the arrival of European structural funds immediately to “save the sick, not to resuscitate corpses.” “It makes no sense that they are delayed, it is essential that they arrive as soon as possible,” he said during the presentation of the quarterly report … Read more

Why do they lose money with the sale of consoles

A few days after the launch of the new generation of consoles, the two giants of the entertainment world prepare to “lose” revenue The PS5s will “contribute negatively to the revenue” of Sony in the coming months. It was confirmed these days by Hiroki Totoki, CFO of the company, who thus acknowledged – although he … Read more