A disaster for the national team. The handball players will not qualify for the WC. The money ran out

The qualification for the 2023 world championship ended in the spring, and Finland, like the Czech Republic, did not qualify for it. It advanced from the group, and the withdrawal of Ukraine also helped the Northerners in the play-off, but in the next round Croatia was already beyond their strength. Qualification for the 2025 World … Read more

Energy bill even higher due to increase in transport costs | Money

ACM is aware that the rising tariffs come at an unfortunate time. Board member Manon Leijten nevertheless calls them ‘necessary’: “We tested the proposed tariffs on the basis of the method that stimulates network operators to be more efficient and that offers room for investments in the energy transition. Because the rates comply with this, … Read more

[스포츠][뉴스큐] ‘The most expensive World Cup’… Even if you finish last, the prize money is 12 billion won!

The 2022 Qatar World Cup, called the most expensive World Cup, is known to have poured hundreds of trillions. By the way, the winning prize is also the best ever. The total prize money is 440 million dollars, which is 588.8 billion won based on today’s exchange rate, and the prize money for the winning … Read more

I would rather let the brand lose money than discount it! Victoria Beckham, who has tens of millions of debts, actually has a “business” mind- A Day Magazine

Since fashion-loving Victoria Beckham founded her namesake fashion brand in 2008, her sharp tailoring has attracted the love of many celebrities and consumers. However, she just released her work at Paris Fashion Week last month. Behind the seemingly beautiful brand, she is facing serious losses and high debts, but Victoria Beckham still sticks to her … Read more

Save money and treat yourself at home: 3 iced coffee recipes to make at home | Life

Saving is coffee is a great step when it comes to eliminating the ant expenses that “eat” the budget. We are in a global economic crisis and also close to Christmas, which implies great expenses. For this reason, it is also not necessary to make some cuts in the so-called “ant expenses” and without a … Read more

Nopalera: luxurious cactus soaps created by a Latina that revolutionize the beauty market in the US | Univision News Money

He was also clear about another principle. Instead of aloe vera, I would use the benefits of nopal, so noble with the digestive system and so full of vitamins E, K and antioxidants. That plant would be the basis of his explorations into soaps, botanical bars, and lotions. “Cactus is very sustainable, if you cut … Read more

31-year-old single-income office worker husband “I want to send my two children to private school from junior high school and buy a house of 40 million yen” – MONEY PLUS

The first step in improving household finances is to reduce communication costs.How to use the optical line Internet “@nifty Hikari” for 0 yen with Poi Poi-katsu is the key to reducing communication costs In recent months, the prices of various things such as daily necessities and food have been rising. It’s a monthly household budget … Read more

‘I don’t have a meal plan anymore, but look at the offers’ | Money

27 nov 2022 om 12:01Update: een dag geleden Every day to the super around the corner or once a week all the bargains? With the current cost crisis, we are more critical of our expenses, also in the supermarket. Every week in the Het Bonnetje section, we talk to a Dutchman about his supermarket strategy … Read more

“We have reduced our energy consumption by two thirds and save 6,000 euros per year”: ‘De Vrek’ shares big and small budget tips | My Guide: Money

He calls himself ‘The Miser’, a nickname. “Everything to do with austerity was looked down upon for a long time. That is different now”, says Fokko Schepel, the Dutch ‘saver of the fatherland’. He wrote a book full of energy saving tips and shares his advice. “If you feel that certain aspects of saving are … Read more

The five surprising reasons why Apple products sell money | Headline Daily

The 5 most lucrative Apple products for surprising reasons Apple regularly updates the iPhone, iPad and other products every year, but in fact there are still some products that seem to be forgotten and reduced to the fringe. The technology website MacRumors counts five products that have not been updated for more than 18 months, … Read more