The Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Index hit its biggest monthly drop in 13 years, and the offshore renminbi continued to rise | Bloomberg_Sina

   Gelonghui, December 1丨After Powell’s speech, the 2-year U.S. bond yield fell by more than 20 basis points from its daily high;dollar indexDiving fell off a one-week high. The Bloomberg Dollar Index posted its biggest monthly drop in 13 years.Offshore stocks rose more than a thousand points on TuesdayRMBagainst the dollarIt continued to move higher, … Read more

Average monthly pension of 220,000 yen … 68-year-old former office worker “I can’t live in a renovated home” A compelling situation | Gentosha Gold Online

(*The photo is an image / PIXTA) Now that it has become difficult to live a post-retirement life on pensions alone, many people are striving to build their assets. One man envisioned a comfortable retirement life because his salary and retirement allowance were high, but the situation changed completely due to the corona disaster. It … Read more

[POPULER NASIONAL] Ferdy Sambo’s Monthly Spending Reaches IDR 600 Million

JAKARTA, – An article about Ferdy Sambo’s monthly spending which far exceeds his monthly salary is the most read news item on social media on Friday (25/11/2022). In addition, the article is about two figures Commander of the Indonesian Navy throughout the history of the Indonesian military is also the most popular. Then, … Read more

“Monthly subscription” .. “Meta” reveals new plans for “WhatsApp” and “Messenger” to generate revenue

Recent reports revealed new plans that the head of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, is heading towards, in light of the significant decline that the company is suffering from at all levels, and coinciding with the growing doubts of investors about the ability of the company’s projects in the world of “Metaverse” to achieve profits in the … Read more

Ivss will pay pension and monthly bonus this Tuesday, November 22 (+ amount)

The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss) announced that this Tuesday, November 22, the payment of the pension corresponding to the month of December and the second month of Christmas bonus will be deposited. Social Security pensioners and retirees will receive a total of 260 bolivars in their assigned accounts. The information was announced by … Read more

Corporate Credit Monthly Update (novembre 2022)

In the Eurozone, inflation figures have been disappointing and economic momentum has continued to deteriorate in recent weeks. In the United States, bringing inflation under control is proving to be a difficult task for the Fed, despite the aggressive course of rate hikes implemented since March. Europe In the Eurozone, inflation figures have been disappointing … Read more

Do you have one in your company? “Inflation allowance” 1 in 4 companies, survey to work on The average payment amount is 53,700 yen for the lump sum, 6,500 yen for the monthly allowance… 30,000 yen per month! : J-CAST Company Watch[full text]

As prices continue to rise, there is a growing movement among companies to provide “inflation allowances” as special allowances to support the livelihoods of their employees. Under such circumstances, Teikoku Databank announced on November 17, 2022,“Special Project: Survey on the Reality of Companies Concerning Inflation Allowances”announced. 6.6% of the companies have decided to pay, and … Read more

5 Good fortune for loyalists, unexpected gains for some; Full Scorpio Month Result | Monthly Prediction | Monthly Prediction in Vrischikam | Monthly Horoscope | Prediction in Vrischikam | Masapalam | Monthly Result | Scorpio Month Result | Malayalam Astrology | Astrology Result | star effect | Star Predictions | Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Prediction | Astrology

On November 16, 2022 at 07.15 pm Makam Nakshatra will transit Scorpio Ravi in ​​Chingakur. During the transit period, Mars transits in Idava, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn, Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra. According to this, the results that may be experienced in the month of Scorpio … Read more

Starlink will have a monthly limit on high-speed data usage

The satellite internet Elon Musk Starlink will reduce connection speeds during peak hours customers who consume a certain amount of data per month. Those homes that want to continue enjoying higher speeds will have to pay more to consume more gigabytes. This measure will be included in the new ‘Fair Use Policy’ of the service. … Read more

Optical fiber, the monthly fee is reduced: how to compare offers and save money

The cheapest optical fiber Connect to the Internet, with ultra-broadband not only is it easier for more and more users, but also cheaper. In fact, in the space of just one year reductions in the average monthly cost and in the activation fee. Data from the and Observatory in October confirm, in fact, … Read more