Meteor Showers and 9 Astronomical Phenomena in 2022, Students Want to See?

Jakarta – Have you seen astronomical phenomenon like a meteor shower or a super full moon? Besides being beautiful, this celestial phenomenon is also worth waiting for because it is rare, you know. For those of you who want to see this rare astronomical phenomenon, in 2022 there will be several phenomena such as meteor … Read more

List of Sky Phenomena 2022, There is a Total Lunar Eclipse

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Even though it’s not 2022 yet, register sky phenomenon Astronomy in 2022 is predictable, one of which is the Total Lunar Eclipse. Astronomical phenomena that will occur have been calculated by researchers so that the time of the event has been estimated. In addition to the Total Lunar Eclipse, other phenomena … Read more

7 Large Telescopes in Bosscha . Observatory

TEMPO.CO, Bandung –Bosscha Ob Observatory or commonly called the Lembang Observatory is one of the oldest stargazing places in Indonesia. This observatory was founded by the Nederlandsch-Indische Sterrenkundige Vereeniging (NISV) or the Dutch East Indies Star Association since 1923. Here, there are several telescope large used for research. Quoting from the Krisnadwipayana University page, some … Read more

The Red Sky Phenomenon Occurs During a Lunar Eclipse, Why?

The moon will change different colors during different stages of a total lunar eclipse REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — During a lunar eclipse, a red color will appear. The most dramatic radiance occurs during moon eclipse total. Why is this happening? Many people ask why the moon can be covered in bright orange to blood red light. … Read more

Total Solar Eclipse Only Lasts A Maximum Of 7 Minutes, Why?

Jakarta – Total solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs once every 18 months and it takes hundreds of years to witness it in the same place. However, the peak of the eclipse only lasts a maximum of 7 minutes. Why is that? In a period of three decades, total solar eclipses occurred in … Read more

Why don’t lunar and solar eclipses happen every month? This is the reason

Illustration of eclipse events that occur on earth. Photo: Pixabay Some people wonder, why moon eclipse and the sun doesn’t happen every month? It is true, that lunar and solar eclipses only occur in a certain period of time. An eclipse event occurs when the shadow formed by the earth or moon is on a … Read more