New space mission will study Jupiter and its three moons with oceans | Video

Posted at 17:07 ET (21:07 GMT) Wednesday, March 15, 2023 playing 2:37 Posted at 19:42 ET (23:42 GMT) Wednesday, March 15, 2023 1:11 Posted at 19:17 ET (23:17 GMT) Tuesday, March 14, 2023 0:41 Posted at 19:58 ET (23:58 GMT) Thursday, March 9, 2023 0:44 Posted at 11:30 ET (15:30 GMT) Thursday, March 9, 2023 … Read more

Why Does Jupiter Have Many Moons? – The moon, which is referred to as a natural satellite, is a solid object and only has a small atmosphere. Quoting NASA, there are hundreds of moons in the solar system. In fact, some asteroids have been found to have small moons. Starting from the rocky planets in the inner solar system, such … Read more

The moons of Jupiter would not have been born as we thought

By the 2030s, two new probes from the Noosphere will inspect the moons discovered by Galileo four centuries ago. Juice and Europa Clipper may then be able to advance the debate on the origin of these moons, an origin that has just found a new cosmogonic scenario that goes against the precedents proposed. It is … Read more

This new form of salty ice could exist on the moons of the Solar System

By compressing table salt and water, researchers have created a new form of salty ice never seen before. Even more, it could be the same substance found in the salty oceans of the icy moons of the Solar System, such as Europa or Enceladus! Among the icy moons of the Solar System, many of them … Read more

The appearance of two moons in the sky raises controversy on social networking sites

Social media activists circulated a video clip of an Egyptian young man documenting the appearance of two moons in the sky during the past few hours, which caused astonishment for social media users, given that it was the first time that a new moon appeared in the sky. An Egyptian young man published a video … Read more

Fascinating discovery about red streaks seen on alien moons

Red streaks on Jupiter’s moon Europa fascinate scientists Redacción Ciencia, Feb 20 (EFE).- A new form of ice based on water and sodium chloride (table salt), created in a laboratory at low temperatures and high pressure, it could be the one that exists in the red streaks that cross the surface of Europa, one of … Read more

A Russian astronomer discovers a new moon for the Earth » Baghdad Today News Agency

Baghdad Today – Follow-up Russian astronomer Gennady Borisov said that the global scientific community has recognized that the asteroid YG2022, which was seen for the first time on December 15, 2022, is a quasi-moon belonging to Earth. He added in an interview with “Novosti”: “On December 15, I was able to discover a quasi-moon belonging … Read more

The JUICE probe prepares expedition to Jupiter and its icy moons

The JUICE space probe, built by Airbus in France, is set for an eight-year voyage with a mission to explore the icy moons of Jupiter, a European Space Agency (ESA) mission to confirm the existence of subterranean oceans that could harbor life. In the clean room of the manufacturer Airbus, in the French city of … Read more

This is the Most Detailed Photo of the Moon’s Surface Taken from Earth

Instruments at the GBT can not only see the asteroid, but can also read its size, speed, spin, composition, and how light scatters from its surface. Currently, Taylor and his team plan to develop a more sophisticated instrument that can emit about 700 times more power, about 500 kilowatts.