Colorado, finally free after two years the moose with a tire around his neck (but no longer horns)

He was imprisoned for two years with a tire around his neck. Now he is finally free. This is the story of a moose that at least since 2019, the year of its first sighting, has been walking around with that object around its neck that some man has thrown into nature regardless of it … Read more

The Ford Mustang Mach-E failed the moose test, passing only 68 km / h

The new electric Ford Mustang Mach-E has so far earned relatively positive reviews, with test drivers and journalists appreciating its agility and sporty driving style. Now, unfortunately, a relatively tangible blow is coming to the reputation of electrical news. A video has appeared on the Internet, which shows that the model literally failed in the … Read more

A bus hit a moose on the Rezekne highway

On Sunday morning, a traffic accident occurred on the Rēzekne highway (A12) near Kūkai, in which the bus collided with a moose, informs VSIA “Latvijas valsts ceļi”. The accident occurred on the 16th kilometer of the Rezekne highway. As the agency LETA found out in the State Police, the accident happened around 6.30 am. According … Read more

Tesla Model Y manages moose test at a faster pace than Porsche Taycan>

Until the Mercedes A-Class came and failed at the end of the 1990s, probably only Scandinavians knew the moose test: When suddenly evasive and steered back on a straight stretch, as can be necessary when a large animal blocks the way, the new one tipped over Compact car around. The installation of ESP systems, which … Read more

[EN IMAGES] A moose walks in Lévis

Residents of Lévis were treated to an extraordinary spectacle, as a moose wandered through several streets in the Lévis sector on Wednesday morning. The animal was seen shortly after 8 a.m. and its presence was reported to the Police Department of the City of Lévis (SPVL). According to Maxime Pelletier, spokesperson for the SPVL, the … Read more