Argentina signed an agreement with Pfizer to buy 20 million vaccines from it

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, announced this morning that yesterday she signed a “binding agreement” with the Pfizer laboratory for the provision of 20 million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus. “As a result of months of work, yesterday I signed the binding agreement with the Pfizer laboratory for 20 million doses during 2021. … Read more

Free vaccination for people over 18 years old from Friday and registration for 12-year-olds opens

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, gives a press conference in our city on the epidemiological situation and the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Buenos Aires territory. The president, accompanied by the Chief of Staff Carlos Bianco and the Minister of Health Daniel Gollan, made announcements in the Golden Hall … Read more

The heartbreaking cry of Abel Pintos: “I never saw her again and I remember her every day of my life”

Abel Pintos was as a guest last night to “PH: We Can Talk” (Telefé) and moved everyone when he remembered Corina, a childhood friend who passed away and who had never spoken in public. In the middle of the program, the host Andy Kusnetzoff asked the guests to choose a moment in their life to … Read more

Alessandra Rampolla revealed what was the most unusual sexual question they asked her

Alessandra Rampolla was visiting the Jey Mammon show and revealed what was the most unusual question she was asked about sex. The shipping driver from America said, “Is it true that one of the most bizarre questions they asked you was …?” He did not finish the sentence that the sexologist answered automatically: “Cavities.” Amid … Read more

“Exaggerated me?”: The video of the suffering of the model who underwent the swab

Sofía Jiménez, better known as “Jujuy”, published a video on her social networks that opened the controversy. The model is in her home province, very close to her family, fulfilling social, preventive and mandatory isolation. The truth is that since for work he must leave his home to fulfill these tasks, he is exposed to … Read more

COVID-19 in Silver: confirmed 50 cases new and another death

The curve of the infection in The Silver is going to grow. The Municipality of The Silver reported this evening that in the City there were at least 50 new cases of coronavirus. In the part detailing that there are 591 confirmed cases, of which 352 are active and in observation, 220 already received the … Read more

Why he lost weight so fast what of Caniggia to Gymnastics as assistant to Maradona

One of the visits of Caniggia at the stadium of Gymnastics to see the Wolf of Maradona / Dolores Ripoll The duo Diego Maradona-Claudio Caniggia is among the most iconic in the history of football. Comparable to Romario-Bebeto on Brazil, Gullit-Van Basten in the Netherlands or Völler-Klinsmann in Germany. Names are indivisible to remember specific … Read more

The look of the la plata basin on the planet similar to Earth that orbits a Sun-like star

The third planet discovered around the star kepler would have conditions that could favor the development of the life / nasa It could be the plot of a recurrent of any science fiction movie but it is a discovery almost as real as the stars: German scientists and americans found evidence of a planet similar … Read more

Kicillof opens the quarantine in the Interior, and authorizes businesses in the Suburbs

The governor Axel Kicillof headed this afternoon to decide on a “greater opening” of the quarantine in the inland municipalities of the buenos aires province that have “little or no circulation” of the virus COVID-19, while it will maintain the conditions of isolation in the Suburbs, the region of the Province most affected by the … Read more