Farewell to Libertad Leblanc, the empowered actress who altered Argentine cinema

Actress Libertad Leblanc, famous for her exuberant physique since the 1960s, when she appeared as Isabel Sarli’s blonde competitor, and whose films had international reach, died at the age of 83 at her home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, reported in the last hours the Argentine Association of Actors in a statement in … Read more

The wedding that was not: a joke by Barreiro generated criticism, anger and involved Macri and Fernández

Bernarda Martínez Vivot and Dolores Barreiro are close friends and did not get married / Instagram It has been a long time since Dolores Barreiro, who in the nineties was one of the most successful models in the country, ceased to be news for her work and has been because of scandals that, curiously, she … Read more

Those who misuse data, false information and more will be fined

MEXICO CITY In the evening edition of Friday in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), President Andrés Manuel López Obrador published the decree to create the register of mobile phone users with the biometric data of Mexicans, so this Saturday 17 of In April, the reforms and additions to various provisions of the Federal … Read more

Metro Line 1 presents delays, this is the cause

MEXICO CITY On the morning of this Wednesday, the Collective Transport System (STC) asked users not to activate the emergency levers of the trains if it is not strictly necessary. He also exhorted people to allow the free closing of doors and thereby contribute to the continuous operation of the trains. The STC Metro detailed … Read more

It was a lie! Granny who said she was a victim of abuse, said Excelsior

MEXICO CITY After being assisted by a legal advisor from the area: Women’s Lawyer of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City and testifying before the Public Ministry, it was determined that, for the moment, the 85-year-old woman who reported having locked up by her family, she does not face family violence. The agency explained … Read more

They offer Buenos Aires teachers an increase of 35% in three sections

The teaching unions met until around midnight with educational authorities / Suteba The Buenos Aires government last night offered teachers in the province of Buenos Aires an increase of around 35 percent as of September in a phased manner, union and government sources reported. In turn, hours before, the national government and the teachers’ unions … Read more

The former actress of “Chiquititas” with a narco husband asks for help

Nadia di Cello is a former “Chiquititas” who had disappeared from the media map, until a personal tragedy struck her: her husband was imprisoned for a drug trafficking cause and the interpreter lost everything. For this reason, while the man continues to be detained in the Olmos prison, she, in charge of the couple’s two … Read more

Lack of control, gunshot wounds and loud music at new clandestine parties

Every weekend it becomes more complex and violent in reference to clandestine parties: there are more and more neighborhood complaints and this weekend in La Cumbre he ended up with a gunshot wound, hospitalized in serious condition, according to relatives and friends of the victim. There were also police officers with injuries. Another episode that … Read more

He faked ovarian cancer, asked for donations, and spent the money to indulge himself in luxurious treats

An incredible and disgusting story starred a 42-year-old British woman, who is investigated for pretending to have ovarian cancer to earn almost $ 60,000 from donations and squander all that money on an “expensive lifestyle” according to the accusations in the trial that began in the last hours. This is Nicole Elkabbass, who claimed that … Read more