ATR weekend in La Plata: the agenda of shows with music, cinema, theater and much more

HOY SONG Ballet in Argentina.- Today at 8 pm in the Sala Piazzolla, 51 between 9 and 10, the stable body of the Teatro Argentino offers fragments of the classical repertoire and a work by Piazzolla. Free tickets with online reservation. Inside Zeni.- Today at 21 in Hummingbird, diagonal 77 between 5 and 6. Ciclo … Read more

Quite a novelty: What is the new WhatsApp function and for which operating systems does it apply?

When we talk about WhatsApp, we are undoubtedly referring to an application used by millions of people around the world, in which its own functions allow us to communicate from one place to another, no matter where we are. As a result of the new updates that the platform presents, it was learned that the … Read more

Flor Peña interviewed her partner: tremendous sexual question and announcement of the great wedding

In a new edition of her new program “La Pu ** Ama”, which is broadcast by America at night, Florencia Peña received nothing more and nothing less than her future husband, Ramiro Ponce de León, who very kindly “lent “to the games and questions that the seductive driver asked him. In the middle of the … Read more

Chau WhatsApp: in 48 hours it will stop working on all these cell phones

On March 31, WhatsApp will stop working on cell phones with obsolete versions of the iOS and Android operating systems, which means that users have two days to find a viable option, or risk saying goodbye to one of the most popular messaging services. used on the planet. As reported by WhatsApp from its official … Read more

VIDEO. What you have to know about the “Free pass with vaccines”: it has been in force since the 21st in the City

In our city, and in the rest of the Province, the “Free pass with vaccines” will be put into effect from next December 21st for those over 13 years of age who want to attend mass events and cultural activities in closed places, or who carry out Procedures before public organizations, with the aim of … Read more

Skid: Alfredo Casero insulted a boy who makes cakes to pay for his operation

Alfredo Casero became the focus of the most unified anger that has been seen on social media. It is that the comedian insulted a boy who makes cakes in order to pay for the operation in which he can rebuild 25% of the body that was burned in a domestic accident. Joaquín Nahuel has become … Read more