FilGoal | News | 8 letters from Mortada Mansour … on Tulan, the Disciplinary Committee, and Murtaji

Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, sent several messages after his team’s victory over Enppi with an unanswered goal about Helmy Tolan and the goal of the league, transferring to the Disciplinary Committee, changing the precautionary measures, and infecting Khaled Murtaji with the Corona virus. Mortada Mansour spoke in an interview with the Zamalek channel, … Read more

FilGoal | News | Murtaza: Add Ramadan Sobhi? It did like Sadat in the War of 73

Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek Club, eluded while talking about the possibility of his team contracting with Ramadan Sobhi. Murtaza Mansour said: “The inclusion of Ramadan Subhi? Do not look at matters only outwardly.” “Do you remember when Anwar Sadat maneuvered in the 73rd war? And why does anyone expect that he will fight today?” … Read more

Will Ramadan Sobhi be Zamalek’s surprise in the summer transfers?

Will the Zamalek club officials be surprised by the announcement of the inclusion of Ramadan Sobhi? .. A question raised by many in the Egyptian sports street during the past hours, after Al-Ahly officially announced that Ramadan Sobhi would not remain in its ranks, and that the player would leave for Pyramids Club according to … Read more

Al-Qaei: raising the issue of the Century Club “Shoshara”

Wrote: Ibrahim Ali Monday 3 August 2020 09:31 PM Adly Al-Qai’i, advisor to Al-Ahly Contracting, stressed that raising the issue of Al-Qarn Club is a kind of confusion over the team’s history, noting that Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, should be held accountable for his statement that Mahmoud Al-Khatib is the Egyptian football legend. … Read more

Khaled Al-Ghandour to Mortada Mansour: I do not answer you because you are the president of Zamalek .. and my words to the Egyptians media

The face of Khaled Ghandour, a star Zamalek The former, and the presenter of his club’s channel, a sharp message through his account on Facebook, a few minutes after his crisis on the air with the president of the white castle Mortada Mansour. See also | Mortada Mansour is angry: What happened to me today … Read more

Murtada Mansour announces his position on the “K” decision regarding the African semi-finals

Watch periodicals news in a day .. Subscribe now Zamalek club officials welcomed the Moroccan Raja match, as followed by the African Union, which retracted its previous decision to hold two Champions League semi-final matches from one match. On Monday, CAF announced its final decision regarding the two semi-final matches, with the home and away … Read more

FilGoal | News | Mortada for Zamalek fans: Wait a great surprise that will shake Egypt athletically

Zamalek fans should prepare for a “big surprise” in the next few days, said Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek. Mortada Mansour said: “I tell the fans of Zamalek, wait a great surprise.” “I will announce a big surprise in the next few days,” he added on the Zamalek channel. “I hope you will complete it … Read more

Tue | news | Morteza: players Zamalek will not be subject to proposals Corona.. statement of the future of the players refuse to play

Detection Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club not to subject his players to the procedures for the analyses of the MERS-CoV. Said Mortada Mansour: “the players Zamalek will not be subject to suggestions Koroma announced by the Union ball”. He added in his remarks across the channel Zamalek “this is bullshit and will never sacrifice … Read more

Mortada Mansour: a pleasant surprise for all the time you within 48 hours

Subscribe to sports news and stay in pitch Said Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, said that there is pleasantly surprised by the masses of White Castle. Added “John Doe” in an intervention telephone program “slot” on the channel Zamalek: “within 48 hours there will be a pleasant surprise for the fans of the club”. … Read more

Tariq the master: I don’t work in Zamalek because I’m having mistaken his fault.

Wrote: Age Cor Sunday 21 June 2020 10:10 am Confirmed Tarek Sayed, coach of Zamalek former, that the unavailability of his work in the White club back to it facing the sinner owning up to his mistake, noting that he didn’t get his chance. Mr. Said, in the hospitality program, “the following” cross-channel “on-time Sportsnet … Read more