Mechelen is the host city for De Warmste Week this year: city festival… (Mechelen)

From this year on, the VRT will take a new path with De Warmste Week. There is one theme, suggested by young people. Last year’s solidarity campaign revolved around volunteering, but this year they will again be collecting money. That money will go to projects that ensure that everyone can be themselves in complete freedom. … Read more

Face masks are allowed at work, although hundreds of thousands will…

Mouth masks are allowed to take off in Flemish offices. — ©  Getty Images Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) did not mention it himself during the press conference after the Consultation Committee, but the mouth masks are certainly allowed to take off in Flemish companies. Yet hundreds of thousands of Flemish employees will … Read more

Household contents Inza factory under the hammer: many foreign inte… (Deurne)

Shots/Doorne – Gosselin Group, the new owner of the recently closed Inza milk factory along the Albert Canal, would like to demolish all the buildings this year to make way for new warehouses. The furniture is already being auctioned. There is a lot of foreign interest in the machine park. Friday 17 September 2021 at … Read more

Limburg mosque receives threatening letter from B. De Wever, also brie … (Heusden-Zolder)

Right: Mehmet Ustun, mosque board member and president of the Muslim Executive Belgium. Heusden-Zolder – The Sultan Ahmed mosque in Heusden-Zolder has received a threatening letter signed by B. De Wever. It is not about the mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever, but about a namesake from Schelle. The Antwerp police have launched an investigation. … Read more

President of the Bar starts new disciplinary investigation against Pol Vandemeulebr… (Antwerp)

Pol Vandemeulebroecke. — © BELGA ANTWERP – The president of the Antwerp Bar has opened a new disciplinary investigation against Pol Vandemeulebroucke, the criminal lawyer who was sentenced to one year in prison on Wednesday for membership of a criminal organization. The disciplinary investigation comes after complaints from a number of angry ex-clients, who claim … Read more

Ian Thomas gives up veganism and gains 15 kilos: his animal… (Antwerp)

ALSO READ: Ian Thomas eats meat again and gains 15 kilos: veganism loses figurehead Dietitian Michaël Sels can be very brief about meat. By eating meat again, you probably won’t gain 15 kilos. “If you were eating the same thing and adding meat to it, you wouldn’t see a difference,” he says. But someone who … Read more

Will the feared effect of easing not materialize? September is…

Hospital admissions are falling, the number of infections is stabilizing. And that two weeks after September 1. Will the feared effect of the relaxations not materialize? It’s too early to decide that, experts say. “But compared to other countries, we are holding up nicely,” says virologist Marc Van Ranst (KU Leuven). Kim Clemens Yesterday at … Read more

A member of Alytus City Municipality Council will also participate in the project “Dance with a Star”

Already on the evening of October 9, the project “Dance with a Star” will be returned to LRT TELEVISION. Twelve couples thirsty for victory will heat up the parquet of the dance floor until Christmas and share the secrets of the dance. Every Saturday, well-known faces and dance professionals will delight the audience live and … Read more

Hospitals not happy with scaling up to phase 1A: “It has…

Prof. dr. dr. Frank Vermassen. — ©  Jimmy Kets, RR From next week, hospitals in our country will have to reserve a quarter of their beds in intensive care wards for corona patients. Too much and too early, according to Flemish hospitals. They fear that regular care will be postponed again. Is it still necessary … Read more