Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Operation Motherland hat einen Release-Termin

Ubisoft has announced the next new content for the action game Ghost Recon Breakpoint; this should be available next week. Fans of Ghost Recon Breakpoint look forward to replenishment in the form of fresh content. Ubisoft has now announced a corresponding DLC ​​with “Operation Motherland”. The good piece should be available from November 2nd. In … Read more

Colors of the homeland | An engineer looking for self-fulfillment on the streets of Cairo: I’m ready to wash dishes

​ “I am a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and need any job. I am ready to work washing dishes and I have already worked in a hotel before that.” With these words, Mustafa Hamed decided to resort to recruitment companies and managers of human resources departments through social media, in order to achieve … Read more

28 artists celebrated the “Happy Birthday to Motherland” on the National Day of the Communist Party of China! Taiwan’s National Day is silent | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center/Reported by You Shuting The Double Ten National Day Ceremony was grandly held this morning (10). The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra kicked off the ceremony. In addition to the National Day Convention, there will also be a parade of heroes of Dongao and Payun. Use this to congratulate the 110th National Day. And on … Read more

“Nida Al-Watan”: The return of the smuggling line to Syria inflames chicken prices

The chicken smuggling market from Akkar to Syria has regained its activity; After it had stopped in the past few months, which called at the time for relief in the consumer market and a decrease in the price of a kilo of chicken and cutlets of all kinds, people turned to chicken and eggs after … Read more

Motherland Daughter’s Friend “I don’t remember seeing Jo Min on the day of the seminar”

Daughters’ friends appear as witnesses at the trial of the fatherland couple 曺 “Is it a nonsensical question,” the court denied Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk. Dong-A Ilbo DB “Can I ask the Witness questions in plain language instead of respectfully?” At the trial between former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk and his wife … Read more

Chinese President Xi on Taiwan: ‘The entire Chinese people want full reunification with the motherland’ | Don’t miss these stories

China’s renaissance as a world power will be unstoppable. Speaking today on the occasion of the centenary of his Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Chinese President Xi Jinping made clear what his ambitions are and that it will end badly for whoever gets in the way. “Anyone who goes on a collision course (with China) will … Read more

Singer Lee Seung-hwan’s ‘Books of the Fatherland’ certified, the motherland “a famous singer of the same age”… Comedian Kim Young-min “It’s very sad”

Singer Lee Seung-hwan released a photo of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s book ‘Time for the Fatherland’. Photo = Singer Seunghwan Lee’s Facebook capture [아시아경제 김소영 기자] Singer Lee Seung-hwan released a certified photo of the book ‘The Fatherland Time’ by former Justice Minister Cho Kuk through social networking service (SNS). In a post on … Read more

Nusantara Emergency Covid 19, Indonesia Defeated China Problem Corona Case, Following the Most Striking Difference between China and the Motherland in the face of this Pandemic – All Pages Corona virus pandemic in Indonesia. Gridhot.ID – Based on data from until Sunday (7/19/2020), a case corona virus which caused Covid-19’s disease to reach more than 14 million cases. To be precise there are 14,425,865 positive cases corona virus worldwide. In addition, death cases reached 604,917 cases and 8,612,194 others were declared cured. … Read more