Maintenance is not complicated, here are 6 advantages of using maintenance free (MF) for your motorbike

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The battery is an important component that serves as a source of electrical energy for the motor. Currently, there are two types of motorcycle batteries that are commonly circulated in the market, namely wet batteries and dry batteries, or also known as batteries. maintenance free (MF). Each type has its own advantages and … Read more

Beatriz Lopes. Funeral of a 17-year-old girl collected by motorbike outside the school takes place on Tuesday

The funeral of Beatriz Lopes, a 17-year-old student at Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira who died in a motorcycle accident, will take place this Tuesday. It should be remembered that the teenager died on Thursday afternoon in a motorcycle accident at an educational institution in Faro, without other vehicles being involved, according to a source from … Read more

WSBK racer of Indonesian descent rides the podium in Mandalika, his motorbike is Gahar

Jakarta – Michael van der Mark, a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team racer from the Netherlands, won the third podium in Race 2 of the World Superbike (SBK) race which was held at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Michael van der Mark, who is of Indonesian descent, rides a … Read more

It’s hard to believe, the Honda BEAT was turned into an electric motorbike, it only costs this much

Farhan Honda BEAT FI 2014 custom made electric motorcycle made by Petrikbike, this is the cost – Wow, for those who want a motorbike Honda BeAT her favorite is changed to electric motor The cost is just like this. Currently there are workshops or workshops that can convert gasoline motors into electric motors. One … Read more

This is the price of a new 150 cc sport motorbike in November 2021 after the Honda CB150X launches

Aant / Illustration. This is the price of a new 150 cc sport bike after the Honda CB150X was launched. MOTOR – Makes me curious, this is the price motor sport new 150 cc November 2021 after Honda CB150X released. In addition to automatic motors, motor sport can also be a consideration for … Read more

Sustenance goes nowhere, motorbike stolen for 12 years finally returns to its owner : Okezone Megapolitan

JAKARTA – The Tanjung Priok Harbor Police Satreskrim team returned the motorbike to its owner who had disappeared stolen since 2009 or rather for 12 years, ago. Based on reports received by the Tanjung Priok Police, the motorcycle was initially lost in the Kalibata area, South Jakarta. “The victim’s motorbike disappeared around August 2009 when … Read more

Not many people know, this is the reason the rear brake position of the Matic motorbike is on the handlebars

Yuka Samudera Illustration of automatic motorcycle brake handle. – Not many people know, this is the reason the rear brake position of the automatic motorcycle is on the handlebars. Unlike Rear brake duck and sport type motorbikes, which are in the lower position and how to use them by stepping on them. While on … Read more

You can exchange with a new motorbike, these are tips from Yamaha for motorbikes that don’t pass the emission test

Special Yamaha authorized workshop opens emission test service for motorcycles – For those of you who have done it emission test make a motorbike and don’t pass, Yamaha has tips that you can follow. Yamaha itself does support the DKI Jakarta government’s program to reduce pollution by running a vehicle exhaust emission test program. … Read more

Don’t use it for a long time, the new Vespa Limited Edition motorbike is directly ‘fried’ the price

Dock. Piaggio Indonesia It doesn’t take long, this new Vespa Limited Edition motorbike is immediately fried by motorbike dealers, how much is it? MOTOR – It doesn’t last long. new motorbike Vespa Limited Edition this is directly fried by motorcycle dealers, how much is it? New Vespa officially launched PT Piaggio Indonesia, Thursday (4/11/2021). … Read more

Honda Jokes, Makes a dashing motorbike like almost-Davidson but its power makes you laugh! Lose to Honda BEAT He looks dashing like a Almost-Davidson, but how come his power is inferior to the Honda Astrea Grand, this is what it looks like – Honda jokes, makes a dashing motorbike Almost-Davidson But the Energy Makes Laughing! Lose to Honda BEAT. Harley-Davidson known as one of the manufacturers whose products are identical to … Read more