Cool, This KTP Owner Can Disburse IDR 1.2 Million MSME BLT in November with the New System of BPUM Eform BRI Phase 3

DIY NEWS – Owner KTP this can Melt BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million with system new BPUM Eform BRI. As known, BPUM or BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million 100 percent has been disbursed to micro-enterprises in 2021. The Coordinating Ministry for Cooperatives has distributed BPUM 2021 to 12.8 million micro-enterprises from July to November 2021. … Read more

Sorry, this ID card holder will not get a Rp 1.2 million MSME BLT which is liquid until December 2021

DIY NEWS – Sorry there are multiple owners KTP who will not get BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million. Although, cash disbursement BPUM can still be done in BRI until December 2021. The government has set 12.8 million recipients BLT UMKM. They are all Indonesian citizens who have micro-enterprises. Recipient BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million must … Read more

Jasindo Leaks Ways to Reduce Business Risk for MSME Actors – PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia or Asuransi Jasindo in collaboration with held a series of events to improve financial literacy. Especially for SMEs. This is also a form of the company’s participation in the month of financial inclusion. This event was held especially insurance for MSMEs to better understand the various existing financial … Read more

Anies Baswedan Says His Political Promise About MSME Targets Has Been Exceeded

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Governor of DKI Anies Baswedan claimed that the realization of the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs in Jakarta until 2021 had exceeded the target of the political promise contained in the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan or RPJMD DKI Jakarta 2017-2022. “The MSME growth target in the RPJMD is … Read more

2021 MSME BLT Disbursed Rp15.2 Trillion to 12.7 Million Business Actors : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – BLT UMKM or Banpres for Productive Micro Enterprises (BPUM) 2021, Rp. 15.24 trillion has been disbursed to 12.7 million micro business actors. This realization was obtained from 2 stages of the 2021 MSME BLT distribution. “BPUM was launched, since 2020 and continues in 2021, BPUM 2021 is divided into 2 stages where for … Read more

Gibran Praises MSME Campaign to Rise GoTo: Becoming a Driver of Solo’s Economy

Jakarta – Gojek and Tokopedia through the GoTo group recently launched the Bangkit Bersama movement targeting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in various regions. Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka then appreciated and gave a special message for these two unicorn startups. He said that with the handling of the pandemic in Solo which continued … Read more

How to Check Online the List of Recipients of IDR 1.2 Million MSME BLT and Disburse BPUM 2021 Without Queuing via Eform BRI Phase 3

DIY NEWS – Listen method check online list recipient help BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million and Melt BPUM 2021 no queue via eform BRI Stage 3, Disbursement process help BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million will finish tomorrow, 30 September 2021. The government itself has increased the quota BPUM 2021 from the original only 9.8 … Read more

Ever Get MSME BLT, Can You Get It Again on This Last Day? See How to Disburse Rp. 1.2 Million BPUM Without Queuing

DIY NEWS – Today is last day distribution BLT UMKM stage 2. Is the perpetrator UMKM who ever got BPUM can i get again? 30 September 2021 is last day distribution BPUM stage 2. UMKM check the list now recipient on the link or Help UMKM stage 2 worth IDR 1.2 million this … Read more

Already a BPUM Recipient of IDR 1.2 Million Can I Get More? Use the New System to Liquidate MSME BLT Without Queues

DIY NEWS – Providing assistance BLT to UMKM those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic are: Banpres Productive Micro Business BPUM on the moon September 2021 It’s still in the thawing stage. Already a recipient BPUM, can you get more? Here’s an explanation and how to use it system new for disbursement BLT UMKM liquid no … Read more

How to Disburse MSME BLT Rp 1.2 Million Without Queuing at, Last Disbursed September

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here’s how to check recipients and disburse the Presidential Assistance for Productive Micro Enterprises (BPUM) or BLT UMKM. Micro-enterprises who receive BLT UMKM will receive assistance of Rp. 1.2 million. Phase two of BLT MSMEs is targeted to be distributed 100 percent by the end of September 2021. The aid will be distributed … Read more