Turkey secretly sends cluster munitions to Ukraine

According to the magazine, this is supposed to be ammunition from the Cold War era. This type of ammunition has been requested by the Ukrainian armed forces for a long time in vain, as most European countries have signed a ban on its use. Neither Ukraine nor Russia joined the ban, which also applies to … Read more

Ukraine asks the US to ban cluster munitions, Washington did not refuse

High-ranking officials in the Biden administration have been dealing with Ukraine’s request for supplies of cluster munitions for several months. A key finding CNN television station now it is that the Americans did not reject it outright. However, Washington did not particularly deal with the request, mainly because of the legal restrictions that Congress has … Read more

Strnad bought Italy’s largest munitions factory

Today, the representatives of the companies signed an agreement, thanks to which CSG became the owner of a 70 percent stake in the Italian company Fiocchi Munizioni. He bought the stake from the investment group Charme Capital Partners. Both the Fiocchi family and Charme Capital Partners remain minority shareholders in the company. “The parties did … Read more

Bloomberg: The US has provided Ukraine with expensive precision-guided munitions

Bloomberg has learned that The US has secretly transferred GPS-guided Excalibur precision missiles to Ukraine. This follows from the documents that indicate the number and distribution channels of this model of projectiles that were available to journalists. For example, it follows from a Pentagon report that the department intends to spend about seven billion dollars … Read more

More than 200 deaths so far from cluster munitions in Ukraine | NOW

Attacks with so-called cluster munitions have so far killed at least two hundred Ukrainians. This is evident from the annual cluster munitions monitor of human rights organization Human Rights Watch. Human Rights Watch reports that at least 215 people have been killed with cluster bombs since the war broke out in February. In addition, at … Read more

The order to shell Kharkov with cluster munitions was issued by a general who had already tried it in Syria

Based on an analysis of satellite images and an on-site investigation, CNN has identified a unit responsible for Kharkov’s cluster munitions. This is the 79th Missile Artillery Brigade, based in Belgorod, Russia. She carried out the attack not once, but immediately with eleven Smerek missiles with cluster munitions, the target was civilians in the residential … Read more

A fire broke out in a munitions depot in Belgorod Oblast, Russia

As the governor writes, he was awakened by a loud noise around the age of four and a half that was similar to an explosion, and three more explosions were heard at the time of writing. “I contacted Denis Zolotuhin, chairman of the rural village of Golovina. According to preliminary information, an ammunition depot is … Read more

The Russian army used cluster munitions in the bombing of the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev

The Russian army has used cluster munitions, says the mayor of the Ukrainian city Alexander Senkevich, quoted by AFP. Ten civilians were killed and at least 46 were injured in the bombing of the city of Nikolaev, he said yesterday. The first air strike by the Russian army in the early hours killed one person … Read more