Elon Musk writes an article for China about his vision for the future, including a city on Mars

Contributed CEO of TeslaElon Musk to write an opinion column for the official issue of China Cyberspace Administration, the influential agency that oversees data security at major tech companies and works with other government entities to censor online content. The billionaire laid out a familiar vision of how technology will secure humanity’s future in the … Read more

Ford executive mocks Elon Musk

Try Tesla Stock Sale: Ford Executive Mocks Elon Musk? Build Your Own Tesla Stock Sale: Ford Executive Laughs at Elon Musk or Request a Free Trial. Ford’s communications director in the United States was amused by a broken promise from Elon Musk on the sale of Tesla shares. This week, Elon Musk sold $6.9 billion … Read more

Europe could buy rockets from Elon Musk to replace the Russian ones

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for replacements for the Russian equipment it has so far used for its space missions. Sanctions on Putin’s country prevent him from continuing to buy Soyuz rocketswhich are used to launch medium payloads into orbit. In this context, the European agency is considering turning to Elon Musk as … Read more

The Queen of Biomedicine Sells Batteries 2/ A Tesla needs 5,000 iPhone batteries, Taiwanese industry leaders are vying for a cross-border “new oil” lithium battery battle | Finance | CTWANT

Only seven months have passed in 2022, and the global industry chain has migrated from a shortage of chips to a larger storm of shortages of electric vehicle batteries. Electric car leader Tesla has raised prices 4 times this year alone, because the supply of batteries is in short supply. The founder Musk said bluntly … Read more

Who should Elon Musk fear?

What do you have to fear when you are the richest man in the world? Usually not much. But Elon Musk loves media attention too much not to constantly try to get noticedeven if it means putting himself in trouble. His latest stunt: announce with fanfare its wish to buy Twitterbefore finally retract despite a … Read more

Musk says X.com will become an online community if Twitter doesn’t happen

Elon Musk answered a user something very interesting when asked what happens if he doesn’t get Twitter. If Twitter doesn’t happen, X.com is the solution Musk envisions “Have you thought about starting your own online community?” was the question from “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley.” Musk answered simply and simply with “X.com”, a domain he bought … Read more

Elon Musk sells $6.9 billion worth of Tesla shares – Spokesperson

Musk said the proceeds from the sale could be used to finance a possible deal for the social media platform if Twitter loses its lawsuit. Sozcu.com.tr Release: 09:51 – August 10, 2022 According to a series of financial documents released on Tuesday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the electric car maker company is … Read more

Musk sold Tesla shares worth almost seven billion dollars :: Dienas Bizness

Oil prices fell along with stock prices on European and Asian stock exchanges on Monday, driven by concerns about the intensification of the Covid-19 wave in China. US stock prices rose after Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk signed a $44 billion deal to buy the microblogging platform Twitter. Crude oil prices fell by more than … Read more