“Musk is a genetic hybrid between a Chinese genius and a South African supermodel”

Elon Musk leads the most famous brand of electric cars, a space program and several other smaller projects such as the one for the chips in the human brain. It is not surprising that many wonder how the entrepreneur manages to juggle so many tasks. Rapper Kanye West, who two days ago was kicked out … Read more

The space elevator will soon be a reality, and not even thanks to Elon Musk

News JVTech The space elevator will soon be a reality, and not even thanks to Elon Musk Published on 05/12/2022 at 06:40 The space race started a long time ago, but one dream has still not been realized: the space elevator! Imagine a gigantic tower capable of delivering tons of material directly into space without … Read more

Musk says Apple is back

Elon Musk first tweeted that Apple had removed most of its advertising on Twitter. Apple advertises on Twitter for NOK 1 billion annually The new Twitter owner also stated that Apple had threatened to remove the app from the App Store, without reason, but then Musk met with Cook, and the two reportedly cleared up … Read more

What kind of boss is Elon Musk? Tesla executive’s answer is surprising | AppBank

Elon Musk laid off 5,000 workers after buying Twitter. It was reported that he “immediately dismissed an employee who criticized him in private”.Image of a cold boss” is becoming established. How does it feel to have such a mask as your boss? The tech media “ The Verge ” is interviewing Tesla’s senior design executive … Read more

Elon Musk presents his electric semi-trailer truck to PepsiCo

Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered the first electric semi-trailer truck model to PepsiCo, without providing information about the truck’s pricing, production plans or how much cargo it could carry, according to a Reuters report. Musk, who appeared on stage at an event at the Tesla factory in Nevada, said the long-range, battery-powered semi-trailer truck will … Read more

Elon Musk released an investigation into internal Twitter documents

Elon Musk (REUTERS/Mike Blake/Archivo) The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musktried to generate great expectation with a unique revelation related to internal company files and documents, which would show “what really happened” behind closed doors when the former executives decided temporarily suppress an investigation of New York Post in 2020 about Hunter Bidenthe son of the … Read more

‘Twitter Files’: Elon Musk reveals how Twitter buried Hunter Biden’s story

As promised, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, released what he calls the “Twitter Files” on Friday regarding the social media’s “suppression of free speech,” including the affair of the emails of Hunter Biden, son of the American president. • Read also: Kanye West suspended from Twitter after showing his admiration for Hitler • Read also: … Read more

NASA’s “Bio-Sentinel” explores the impact of space on life | NASA | Satellite | Musk

[Silicon Valley Information Station]Issue 22 [The Epoch Times, December 3, 2022](The Epoch Times)NASAThe (NASA) mission to study life in space is well underway. Its recently launched BioSentinel (BioSentinel)satelliteHas successfully flown over the moon. NASA Bio-SentinelsatelliteThe mission is to study the effects of interplanetary space radiation on yeast. As humans restart the moon landing program and … Read more

Tesla delivers the first e-truck: Musk unleashes a “beast” on the world – three years late

– Musk unleashes a “beast” on the world – three years late Tesla’s first electric truck comes from the Gigafactory in Nevada. The plant says a lot about the billionaire. Jurgen Schmieder from Los Angeles Published: 12/02/2022, 10:52 am Announced in 2017, now ready: Tesla boss Elon Musk delivering the first semi truck. Photo: Tesla … Read more