Mustache comb and stage costumes: Freddie Mercury’s possessions at auction

More than 1,500 objects that belonged to Queen singer Freddie Mercury will be auctioned more than 30 years after the artist’s death. “We see the specter of his taste there. It’s a really smart and sophisticated collection,” said one of his oldest friends, Mary Austin, to whom the singer of the Queen group bequeathed all … Read more

The “Wonder Mustache” sweeps again and adds a new award

last March 19 Alexis Sanchez he stood with personality outside the area and from a stopped ball he nailed a great goal that led to the victory of Olympique de Marseille against Reimsin an action that did not go unnoticed by Ligue 1. The French contest included the goal of the “Wonder child” in the … Read more

Galkin * unexpectedly appeared with a thick mustache in Miami

Maxim Galkin* has been building a career for a long time and was able to become famous not only in Russia, but also abroad. It is noteworthy that the comedian in his 46 years does not stop working. Since Alla Pugacheva no longer gives concerts, her husband does everything to provide for his family. Recall … Read more

Super Mustache: scandal in Venezuela over Maduro dolls

The controversy grows in Venezuela after the regime Nicolas Maduro deliver Christmas gifts with propaganda to the children of Aragua, an area affected by a tragic landslide. The executive vice president of that country, Delcy Rodríguez, reported on Sunday that the Government delivered almost 13 million toys. The delivery included bicycles and figures of “Super … Read more

Mustache twitching “Eagle” US military base in Syria was attacked | TNN, late night news | 26 Nov ’22

US military base in Syria hit by missile attack But it does not damage the lives of US soldiers. The Chinese leader sent a message ready to cooperate with North Korea in all dimensions. Channel to follow news station TNN Channel 16 https://www.facebook .com/TNNthailand/ Line @TNNONLINE or click … Read more

beard-chain-men-won-guinness-world-record | Guinness World Record for 150 feet long mustache chain

The news of those who have won Guinness World Records in different ways is noteworthy. A group of mustached men claimed to have won the world record. They are said to have entered the Guinness World Record by tying beard hairs together to form the longest chain. They created the mustache chain Friday at Gaslight … Read more