Was Raúl Sandoval banned from TV Azteca at the request of Myriam Montemayor? He tells what happened

Written in SHOWBIZ he 4/3/2023 · 17:43 hs In recent weeks, the statements made by former academics have given much to talk about because more than 20 years after the premiere of the singing reality show, they have been discovering the abuses of which they were victims. Raul Sandoval He is the last member of … Read more

Anaëlle Myriam Chaaib: storytelling, poetry and humor

At the heart of his practice is a reinvention of naïve painting used by Moroccan artists of the last century. His work is inspired by recognizable cultural references such as Persian miniature painting, Moroccan tales, exotic architectural models and more modern and contemporary classical works. Alongside these identifiable sources – often considered as “truth” – … Read more

Myriam Klink could not bear to wear clothes at the funeral of Wadih George Wassouf.. Watch what she did! (Video)

– Advertisement – Country– The Lebanese model, Myriam Klink, sparked widespread controversy after attending the funeral of Wadih, the son of the Syrian artist, George Wassouf. Didn’t wear clothes magazine publishedthe bellA video documenting the moment Myriam Klink entered St. Nicholas Church in Ashrafieh to offer condolences, wearing modest black clothes and sunglasses. But suspicious … Read more

A video of Daniela Rahma’s dance to the tune of Myriam Fares’ song caught the audience’s attention

The Lebanese actress Daniela Rahma celebrated New Year’s Eve in the presence of a number of her close friends in a house, including the Lebanese actress Sasha Dahdouh. Daniela Rahma shared with the audience a video clip of them dancing without wearing shoes, to the tune of the song tukoh taka by international artists Myriam … Read more

A famous Lebanese artist with the fiercest attack on Myriam Fares because of Toko Taka..and this is how she responded to him (photos)

This response came after the uproar caused by the artist Wael Jassar’s statement during his stay as a guest on the program “This is your place” via SBC channel, where he said, “According to our cultures, customs and traditions, is it permissible to present this type of video clips? Why does the West not take … Read more

An imaginary number.. Here is the amount that Myriam Fares received for her participation in the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup

The name of the Lebanese singer, Myriam Fares, again topped the conversation of the pioneers of social networking sites, after the uproar that she caused after the release of her new song, “Toca Taka”, for the Qatar World Cup 2022. What is new in the matter is what was circulated about the amount of money … Read more

After the World Cup song, Mohamed Abdel Rahman attacks Myriam Fares: I can’t stand seeing her news

Artist Mohamed Abdel Rahman “Tota” attacked the Lebanese singer Myriam Fares after the clip of the World Cup song “Toko Taka” was released. And through his account on Twitter, Muhammad Abdel-Rahman wrote, “Seriously, Myriam Fares, this remained among the ten most important things that make me intolerant, and the first remained undisputed. I really can’t … Read more

A whirlwind ignited.. Myriam Fares reveals who wrote the song “Toko Taka”

After the widespread controversy sparked by her song for the World Cup in QatarLebanese star Myriam Fares revealed some of the scenes of her participation in Tukoh Taka. The owner of “Kawmi Qawmi” announced that the project took 5 years to prepare, in which two songs were implemented, but she was convinced of Tukoh Taka. … Read more

Myriam, 58, murdered by her husband three months after their wedding:

Many people met this Wednesday at the Diest funeral home to say goodbye to Myriam Nivarlet, this fifty-year-old murdered by her husband three months after their marriage. While the exact facts remain a mystery, the victim was allegedly stabbed with a knife in his sleep. During the ceremony, Myriam’s loved ones recalled her positive impact … Read more

I participated in the World Cup Qatar song… sharp criticism of Myriam Fares’ dance

The Lebanese star was exposed Myriam Fares She was criticized for her performance and her clothes, after she appeared dancing in the manner of the international artist, Shakira, with a song promoting the 2022 World Cup. The Lebanese producer, Wassim Salibi, published a video clip, behind the scenes of filming the song called (Tukoh Taka), … Read more