“Dead” galaxies mysteriously ran out of fuel to form stars in the early universe

MACS J1341 Galaxy Cluster. Credit: Lead author: NASA, ESA, Katherine E. Whitaker (UMass), Image Processing: Joseph DePasquale (STScI) Hubble discovers massive, early, empty galaxies “Live fast, die young” may be the mantra of six massive, “dead” early galaxies that lacked the cold hydrogen gas needed for star formation in the early life of the universe. … Read more

When more than 40 million euros of cryptocurrency mysteriously disappear

Around 4,500 members of RR Crypto, an association based in the suburbs of Dijon which advises and manages the investments of digital assets of its members, were warned Sunday evening by the president and founder Vincent Ropiot that the entrusted funds vanished after than “the crypto-asset portfolio“opened by the association on the specialized Binance platform … Read more

Why did one of the brightest stars in the sky mysteriously begin to darken?

Astronomers may have solved the mystery of the strange drop in brightness in Betelgeuse. In autumn 2019, Beteigeuze One of the brightest and most famous stars in the sky is darkening dramatically. By February 2020, it had lost about two-thirds of its natural luster. Betelgeuse that forms a shoulder Orion (The Hunter), an enlarged red … Read more