Nadine Nassib Njeim expresses her sadness after the end of the twenty twenty series – with pictures

The Lebanese actress crossedNadine Nassib NjeimAbout her sadness at the end of her series “Twenty Twenty”, and wrote on her own page on the social networking site, saying: “The night of the last episode of the series 2020, frankly upset, that he will be saved and my sense of mind after I know what happened … Read more

Nadine Nassib Najim asks Tony Issa to prepare tonight and he replies that he is ready

The Lebanese actress wroteNadine Nassib NjeimOn her own page on the social networking site, a comment she made to the Lebanese actorTony IssaShe told him, “Tonight, you and I are preparing,” and Tony replied, “Ready.”It is reported that Tony appeared in the last episodes of the series “”Twenty twentyAs “pyramid”, and the interaction of followers … Read more

Ahlam tries to entrap Nadine Njeim … and Carmen Lebos intervenes: We don’t cheat

She actress Dreams On her admiration for the series “Twenty Twenty” and its follow-up of its details, awaiting the fate of the relationship of “Safi” and “Hayat” Qusay Khouli andNadine Njeim. Ahlam posted on her official account on the social networking site “Twitter” a video clip from the eighteenth episode of the series, in which … Read more

This is how Nadine Nassib Najim described Mona Zaki

After one of the followers wrote on her own page on the social networking site, a comment praising the performance of the Lebanese actressNadine Nassib NjeimAnd the Egyptian actressMona Zaki, Saying: “Mona Zaki and Nadine Naseeb Najim have gone beyond the stage of acting, who frankly forgot about creativity.”Newton’s gameThe series 2020 “, Nadine re-posted … Read more

Twenty only twenty Egyptian dramas compete for the most watched in Egypt

Despite the enormity and multiplicity of the Egyptian series productions and series of well-known actors, who are in the dramatic competition for this year, the series is released.Twenty twentyWithin the top 10 list through the “VIP Watch” application, to be the only dramatic work outside the frameworkEgyptian drama, Who was able to reserve a place … Read more

The image of Nadine Nassib Njeim and Marita El-Hillani in hijab sweeps social networking sites

The image of the Lebanese actress sweptNadine Nassib NjeimAnd the Lebanese actressMarietta El HelaniSocial networking sites after they appeared in the picture wearing the headscarf behind the scenes of filming the series 2020, which is expected to be shown in the Ramadan race for 2021. Marietta Al-Helani published the photo on her own page, exciting … Read more

Nadine Nassib Njeim reveals her exposure to injustice and her suffering after her divorce … in video

The Lebanese actress revealedNadine Nassib NjeimExposure to injustice and suffering after her divorce from her engineer husbandHady Asmar, Indicating that she enjoys independence, does not give up quickly, loves her work, and seeks to achieve many dreams.And during her participation in the program “Frankly speaking with Nadine Naseeb Najim andSulafa Mimar“, Which was shown yesterday … Read more