Splashy! The Chest of Rizki DA’s Wife Unveiled

Jakarta – Risky YES and Nadya Mustika Rahayu is still in the spotlight. Netizens have recently highlighted Nadya Mustika who is live on Instagram. The woman in the hijab provides advice to netizens who are always curious about her life. However, the focus of the audience was on Nadya Mustika’s chest, which was not covered … Read more

Umbar Dada’s wife accidentally while giggling on IG Live, Rizki DA: Oh Allah

Jakarta, Insertlive – Nadya Mustika is back to being public spotlight after the public highlighted the part of his chest that was exposed when doing his live broadcast on Instagram. In the video that was uploaded back to the Instagram account gosip lambeh_turah, the chest Nadya is seen behind the black hijab she is wearing. … Read more