The actor Felipe Nájera announces that he seeks Morena’s candidacy for deputy for the local 17 of BJ

STAFF / FREE IN THE SOUTH The outstanding soap opera actor Felipe Nájera Arreola, star of Rebel Y The most beautiful ugly, announced that the Benito Juárez mayor of Mexico City is seeking Morena’s candidacy for a local deputation. Nájera Arreola, born in Nazminiquipa, Chihuahua, 57 years ago, has lived in the country’s capital since … Read more

NBA Juan Toscano vs Eduardo Nájera comparison of numbers and statistics

Mexico again said present one more season of the NBA With the presence of Juan Ronel Toscano Anderson in the Golden State Warriors. The forward of Mexican descent disputes his second year in the best basketball in the world and could not have a better mirror than the living legend Eduardo Nájera. At 27, Toscano … Read more

Rossana Nájera announces her return to television

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 31.12.2020 18:49:37 After several years absent from television, Rossana Nájera reappeared in the forum of Windowing to chat with Pati Chapoy and company about her life off the small screen and her plans for 2021. “I was entering Azteca and a lump formed in my throat“, said the actress at … Read more

“Let’s see if not being a mother won’t hit me”: Rossana Nájera spoke at Ventaneando about her problems conceiving

Rossana Nájera affirmed that she will not be able to be a mother (Photo: Instagram @rossananf) Actress Rossana Nájera decided to return to acting after stopping her career for two years in order to take a break to travel the world and open her travel channel on YouTube. Nájera had gone to live in Spain … Read more

NBA partnered with UnidosUS to promote the Latino vote with Eduardo Najera in US elections

In one of the most important presidential elections in the world, Mexico said present and the former player of the NBA, Eduardo Nájera, will be part of The UnidosUS virtual round table in which Latinos will be supported and invited to participate in the vote for president in the United States between Donald Trump y Joe … Read more