Najib Mikati to CNN: We will lift subsidies on commodities, except for medicines, and most of their allocations have been misused.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– The new Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said in an exclusive interview with CNN anchor Becky Anderson, that the majority of the more than $10 billion in support allocations have been misused in Lebanon over the past year. The Lebanese government raised fuel prices by more than 37% on … Read more

Arslan apologizes for attending consultations in Baabda: I hope Najib Mikati will not carry the burdens of his predecessor

The head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Talal Arslan, tweeted on Twitter: “I apologize for attending the parliamentary consultations today, wishing success to those who will be in charge. I hope that God protects Lebanon from the corrupt and corrupt. A key aspect of our deteriorating financial and economic conditions. He added, “The Damanah al-Jabal … Read more

The most famous bachelors of art .. What did Suleiman Najib answer when they asked him about the secret of his unmarrying?

The great artist Suleiman Bey Naguib was one of the most famous bachelors in Egyptian cinema, as he did not marry throughout his life, which he dedicated to art, and Naguib was from a large aristocratic family who loved art since his childhood and worked in many theaters and films. He also held a number … Read more

Najib Razak Lies About Arab King Send Fund To 1MDB, This Is Proof Page all

KUALA LUMPUR, – Former prime minister Malaysia Najib Razak failed to prove the large funds in his account were sent from the late King of Saudi Arabia. The findings were revealed by the Malaysian High Court on Thursday (7/30/2020) as reported by Malaysian media The Star. Najib apparently only took the words of Low … Read more