Video- Similar to Abla Kamel reveals her secrets and life dream

Ms. Hind Al-Abed, who looks like the Egyptian actress Abla Kamel, expressed her joy at the people’s admiration for her, and for the videos she publishes, in which she imitates the Egyptian actress. Al-Abed revealed that she is married, has children, and has a talent for acting, and confirmed that she does not take advantage … Read more

Najwa Karam sends a harsh message to someone at her party who threw sums of money at her-video

The pioneers of the communication sites re-circulated an old video clip from one of the Lebanese singer’s concerts​Najwa KaramA person appears and starts throwing amounts of money at her while she is standing on the stage presenting her singing link. Najwa was only agitated and she gave him harsh criticism, considering that his behavior constituted … Read more

You are a red line… and she responds

The Lebanese actress headedNajwa KaramBy the Lebanese artistNawal al-ZoghbiThrough her personal account on the social networking site with a publication. Najwa said: “What you prayed, my love, my heart, and you prayed well and deservedly, and you deserve me, and for me you are also a red line.” Nawal replied: “You are very great with … Read more

Najwa Karam responds to her lover, is she sure she is in love, and describes him as a magician of hearts-video

After leading the trend in Lebanon to tease her followers to release her new song, the Lebanese singer achieved…Najwa KaramVideo clip “magician of heartsAfter more than an hour of its release, about 17,500 views, the song was written by Amer Lund, composed by Ali Hassoun, distributed by Danny Helou, and directed by Hess Ghaddar. The … Read more

Wear the jumpsuit the way Najwa Karam

The Lebanese star’s looks Najwa Karam With her elegance and luxury, especially as she is well aware of what suits her body and chooses looks that fit with her personality and presence. And in a tour of Najwa Karam’s account on Instagram, her looks caught us with jumpsuit It was bold and elegant at the … Read more

The songs of Najwa Karam, Cheb Khaled, Ramy Ayach, Nancy Ajram and others cried the Lebanese and honored the victims of the Port of Beirut

Summer 2020, it wasn’t easy for theLebanon​Yes, residents of Beirut and everyone who visited it, on August 4, was shocking, and its impact was bitter. At six o’clock in the evening, an explosion occurred in the port of Beirut, which led to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, the displacement of tens of thousands, … Read more

In pictures… What did Moatasem Al-Nahar say about his cooperation with Najwa Karam in “Magrooma 2”?

through the Syrian star Mutasem Al-Nahar On his happiness to work with the Lebanese star Najwa Karam In the video clip for her new song “Maghorma 2”, Moatasem posted on his official account on the social networking site “Instagram” a photo of Najwa’s collection and commented on it: “A great artist I had the honor … Read more

Najwa Karam is complete.. Elissa does not care about herself and blames Nancy Ajram

Fashion Look is a program specialized in fashion, which provides you with important and quick advice on the latest popular trends and trends, so that your looks are as distinctive as those of stars and stars.The Lebanese designerBassam Nima​ As a guest of this exceptional episode, he gave his opinion to many artists and actresses, … Read more

Najwa Karam releases Makhroma 2 .. and a special appearance for this actor

After teasing her followers for 5 days, the Lebanese actress released…Najwa KaramAbout the music video for her new song “fined 2And posted it on YouTube.Najwa collaborates for the first time in this work with the Lebanese artistNabil El KhouryThe Lebanese directorHassan Ghaddar​, as the song is written and composed by El Khoury, and distributed bysweet … Read more