Nariño: they find the body of a girl with a rope | News Colombia – Cali – Colombia

While the Ombudsman’s Office, Human Rights Watch and Save the Children call for violence in the Nariño country for massacres and acts against children, adolescents and young people, a humble family in Tumaco, port of this department of the southwestern national lives the drama by an 11 year old girl. According to Íngrid Araujo, mother […]

Coronavirus Colombia: Doctor in Nariño successfully applies a drug against covid-19 – Cali – Colombia

Advances to achieve the long-awaited cure for covid-19 are not only on the scene in the United Kingdom, China or the United States, there are also in the distant and forgotten municipality of Barbacoas, in Nariño. “The number of covid-19 patients has dropped dramatically, as have remissions dropped 90 percent. If before there were around […]